Refuge of Life Orphanage, Pucallpa, Peru (24 + Children)

Refuge of Life Church & Orphanage

Meet Director Pastora Lilly

Pastora Lilly San Martin Cardenas, a former attorney and judge, has discipled and fed her community’s orphans for the past ten years.  The children were scattered throughout the community, some with families living in extreme poverty, some huddled together, sheltering in dilapidated shacks. Many had no protection from prey or the elements.

For many years, Pastora Lilly’s vision—to build a refuge for the abandoned children in Pucallpa, specifically in La Florida where they would receive an excellent Christian education, good nutrition and love was just that—a vision until this year. Finally, her mission to teach them skills to live successful independent adult lives is becoming a reality.

Refuge of Life Orphanage

Moving Refuge of Life down the path of helping orphans to ultimately thrive and realize their dreams is a heartwarming illustration of how Haven of Hope International (HOHI) bridges the gap between a church community’s mission work and the needs of orphanage homes throughout the world.

In 2019, HOHI presented the project at an Men and Women of Action Rally and a team from Indiana chose to partner with Pastora Lilly to make her dream come true of providing a safe and loving home for the children of Pucallpa, Peru.  The first phase of her site plan was to build 3 family style homes and construction began.  However, Covid interrupted the progresss

Children from our partner home in Peru, Refuge of Life

Soon after the dedication Refuge of Life’s doors opened, and they began receiving children.  Twelve young girls now call Refuge of Life home. Their plan of care will address the trauma the children have experienced. They will have access to a quality education, receive psycho/social support along with medical care. Pastora Lilly's family has always supported her outreach at the church she founded over a decade ago and are continuing to support her vision at these homes.  Her sister Toti is assisting with the daily operations and her daughter in law, Graciela,  is heading up the Psychology department.

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In August of 2021, travel resumed when a Fort Myers man visited the home with Alice Sweet.  His dedication to providing safety for the children enabled the home to construct a much needed wall that includes security cameras.  In May of 2022, representatives from CMR visited the campus and made a commitment to assist with the funding to complete the three homes and the bakery/kitchen. Truly an inspiring group effort from multiple people seeing the need and doing their part to help children that otherwise would have no hope for their future.   Thanks to their determination and support, the three homes were completed in 2023.

The homes are on the campus land located in a rural area outside of Pucallpa. Each home houses up to eight children in a family environment supervised by a live-in Christian couple. Each home is comprised of four bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and two bathrooms, have recently been constructed. In addition, a kitchen, cafeteria, and office have also been constructed and are now functioning. The dedication of the buildings took place in July 2023.

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Refuge of Life is wasting no time in moving towards a thriving home.  Programs already implemented at Refugio de Esperanza are now being shared with Refuge of Life. Among the latest highlights:

Training Continues

They continue to receive HOHI's Director Training program as they build a team of support to meet the children's complex needs.  They are eager to continue the steps to develop a thriving campus. Caregiver training has also begun weekly to equip the staff with practical tools to handle the challenging behavior that comes with children from trauma. Trauma Training will be coming in 2024.

peru director training

The Chicken Sustainability Program has been a Huge Success

Over 30 chickens are producing eggs, providing a valuable source of income for the home and nutrition for the community. A bakery sustainability program is being planned, which holds immense sustainability potential to help cover the ongoing expenses of the home.


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About the Republic of Peru

The Republic of Peru is a country in western South America bordered in the north by Ecuador and Colombia, in the east by Brazil, in the southeast by Bolivia, in the south by Chile, and in the south and west by the Pacific Ocean. It is the 19th largest country in the world and third largest in South America. 

Peru is diverse in habitat—arid plains, the Andes mountains, the Amazon Basin and River.  With approximately 31 million inhabitants, it is the fourth most populous country in South America with approximately 80% living in urban areas. Pucallpa is a city on the Ucayali River in the Amazonian rainforest section of eastern Peru. The economy of Pucallpa is based on trade, the timber industry and tourism.

Education is important in Peru, with a literacy rate estimated at 92.9%. Primary and secondary education are compulsory and free in public schools.

In Peru, it is estimated that 550,000 children grow up without parental care. They are either orphans or come from dysfunctional families who neglected or abused them at an early age. Many children in Peruvian orphanage homes are considered “social orphans”. Unlike orphans whose parents are both deceased, they have been given up by families who are either unable or unwilling to care for them.