From Surviving to Thriving – A Progress Report on Refuge of Life, Pucallpa, Peru

REFUGE OF LIFE – Pucallpa, Peru

Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic over the last few years, Haven of Hope International (HOHI) and its partner homes have made significant strides towards creating a sustainable future for the children we serve. Progress in its mission to empower communities and support those in need has been remarkable at Refuge of Life.

Today Pastora Lilly, is seeing her vision to build a refuge for the abandoned children in Pucallpa where they will receive a Christian education, good nutrition, life skills, and love become a reality.

On the construction front, here’s what has been happening at Refuge of Life as it moves down the path to thriving:

In 2020 the project was launched with the dream of completing 3 cottages, a bakery/kitchen, a well and a security wall. Covid slowed the progress but by January 2021, Men and Women of Action teams had completed the well. Teams were also nearing completion of Cottage #1. The other two homes and the bakery/kitchen had exterior walls completed. The security wall around the property had been completed.

The Chicken Sustainability Program has been a huge success. Over 30 chickens are producing eggs, providing a valuable source of income for the home and nutrition for the community.

In May 2022, representatives from CMR visited the campus and made a commitment to help complete the three cottages and the bakery/kitchen. Thanks to their efforts and the hard work of the teams on the ground, the three homes and gates are now complete. In addition, solar electric has been installed for the first home with plans underway to install it on the remaining homes.

Pastora Lilly, campus director, and her team received director training and are eager to continue the steps to develop a thriving campus. The direct care staff are in the process of being selected and caregiver training will begin soon.

HOHI has also received a commitment from AJ White of Grains of Grace to assist with the bakery sustainability program, which holds immense sustainability potential to help cover the ongoing expenses of the home.

Thanks to our amazing donors, HOHI’s efforts are making a tangible impact on the lives of those in need, and the future looks bright for HOHI and the communities it serves. Together we are raising the standard of orphan care.