Building Hope and Transforming Lives: The New Hope Center at Refuge of Life

Just six months ago, in the heart of Pucallpa, Peru the Refuge of Life Children’s Home (ROL) became a sanctuary for young girls in need, offering them a safe haven and a chance at a brighter future. Today sixteen children have been rescued by Pastora Lilly and her amazing team. Even before the first residents came, we recognized the need for a Hope Center. This remarkable project, spearheaded by Haven of Hope International, is more than just a second story to a building – it’s a testament to the power of partnership and compassion.


The finishing touches of the addition came from a dedicated Men and Women of Action (MWOA) team led by Pastor Deane Ramsey from Pennsylvania. The Hope Center marks a significant milestone in the ROL’s journey. This team, fueled by their unwavering love, worked tirelessly to add a second floor above the cafeteria. This new space is destined to become a hub of transformation – housing offices, and most importantly, spaces for counseling and therapy sessions. These facilities are critical in providing the residents of ROL with the psychological support and guidance they need to heal and grow.


The construction of the Hope Center is not just about building walls and floors; it’s about laying the foundation for a future where every child at ROL can thrive. The new center will offer a serene and supportive environment where children can receive individual attention, helping them to overcome their past traumas and embrace their full potential.


In the evenings, the team switched gears to bring joy and spiritual enrichment to the children through a Vacation Bible School. This program, attended by over 100 local children, was a celebration of faith, hope, and community. It provided a platform for the children to learn, play, and explore their spirituality in a fun and nurturing environment.


Joining this incredible MWOA team from Pennsylvania were Victor Whitaker and his daughter Shannon Roach, who were part of our Klimbing for Kids 2022 team that summited Mount Kilimanjaro. Their presence and participation in this project are a shining example of the ongoing commitment and passion that drives Haven of Hope International. Their journey from the peaks of Kilimanjaro to the heart of Pucallpa symbolizes the limitless boundaries of our mission to change lives.


The construction of the Hope Center is more than just a physical expansion; it is a symbol of the unyielding spirit of hope that guides us. It represents our commitment to not just provide shelter but to nurture, heal, and empower the children at ROL. As the Hope Center takes shape, we are reminded of the power of partnership, the strength of faith, and the endless possibilities that arise when we come together for a noble cause.


The journey of the Hope Center is just beginning, and we invite you to be a part of this transformative story. Join us in our mission to build hope and change lives, one child at a time.  We invite you to be a part of our Family of Hope in Peru – children are waiting.