Join Us in Answering The Call: Supporting Orphan Care

Haven of Hope International stands as a beacon of hope in the realm of orphan care. Our commitment to holistic orphanage development and the well-being of abandoned, abused, and orphaned children is unwavering. We believe that every church can play a crucial role in raising the standard of orphan care. If not the church community, then who?

Haven of Hope Intl. Orphan Care Training Institute

One of the most important ways to support orphan care is by bolstering the efforts of orphanage home directors and staff. By joining hands with Haven of Hope International's Orphan Care Training Institute, you can empower caregivers, social workers, and other dedicated individuals who provide essential care to orphaned children. With your support, they will gain the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to offer exceptional care and support to these vulnerable children.

Our specialized training programs are designed to address all aspects of orphanage management, and the best part is that they are available at no cost to orphanages worldwide.


Development/Growth Training: Equip directors with strategies for growth, fundraising techniques, advisory board development, and community engagement strategies.

Director Training: Provide leadership with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively run and lead an orphanage.

Trauma Care Training: Help directors and staff support children in healing and recovering from distressing events, ensuring their emotional well-being.

Crisis Intervention Training: Focus on crisis intervention and prevention methods, enabling staff to deliver top-quality care during critical moments.

Transition Training: Prepare older children for independent lives with a four-step progressive program.

We invite you to explore these programs and consider how your church ministry can contribute to this essential cause. Your one-time or monthly donations will help us support these innovative training programs as we expand our reach to orphanages in need around the world.

You can be a source of hope and love to those who need it most.

Together, we can profoundly impact orphaned children's lives and help create a brighter future for them.


Gladys and Marco Aldana

Director Training Program

Gladys and Marco Aldana

Welcome to the inspiring story of Marco Antonio Aldana Valda and Gladys Jiménez, a dynamic couple united in marriage since 2003 and parents to three children of their own: Sarai, Misael, and Lucas, whose shared passion for serving vulnerable children has touched countless lives. Together, they have dedicated over 19 years to the directorship of Hogar REFUGIO DE ESPERANZA, an orphanage in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, providing love, care, and support to more than 300 children, adolescents, and young adults.

About Marco: Marco Antonio Aldana Valda brings a wealth of business acumen to his role. With a master’s degree in business administration and extensive experience in project administration and management, Marco excels in combining his professional skills with his commitment to social and religious initiatives. He serves as a Pastor Exhortator in the Church of God in Bolivia and directs the Sustainability Program at Refugio de Esperanza Shelter, embodying his dedication to making a positive impact on the community.

About Gladys: Gladys Jiménez is a passionate educator and advocate for children's rights. With a profound vocation for child care and a solid background in administration and leadership, Gladys has played a pivotal role in shaping the lives of the children under her care. As Vice President of the Refugio Esperanza Foundation and Director of the Southern Cone Public and Social Advocacy Area for the International Church of God, Gladys is committed to creating a better future for vulnerable youth through advocacy and education.

Together: Marco and Gladys work tirelessly to provide a loving and supportive environment for the children at Hogar REFUGIO DE ESPERANZA. Their shared values of compassion, dedication, and faith drive their mission to make a lasting difference in the lives of those in need. Through their leadership and service, they have established a legacy of care and support, inspiring others to join them in their mission of hope and empowerment.

Join Marco Antonio Aldana Valda and Gladys Jiménez on their journey of love, compassion, and service as they make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children in Bolivia and beyond.



Dr. John Sweet, DMin

Executive Director - Heart of Florida Youth Ranch

With a decades-long distinguished career, Dr. John Sweet stands at the forefront of child welfare and caregiver support. As Executive Director of Heart of Florida Youth Ranch since 2014, Dr. Sweet's leadership has propelled the organization to unprecedented success, serving a record number of children under his tenure. His journey began in pastoral ministry, where he cultivated a foster care ministry that evolved into a significant program under his directorship at the Smoky Mountain Children’s Home, impacting hundreds of lives through foster care and adoption.

A global advocate for children's rights, Dr. Sweet has enriched over 70 orphanages across 45 countries with his expertise as Lead Consultant to Church of God World Missions Orphanages and other organizations. His work extends into combatting commercial sexual exploitation of children in Florida, highlighting the urgent need for trauma-informed care and support.

An accomplished author, Dr. Sweet's publications, including "Healing for a Hurting World," “Beyond the Walls,” and "Ascending to Your Dreams," reflect his deep commitment to child welfare and personal development. These works, alongside his innovative training programs and consultation services, have set new childcare and Christian education standards.

Married to Alice, the founder of Haven of Hope International, Dr. Sweet's personal life is as rich and fulfilling as his professional endeavors. Together, they form a dynamic partnership, striving to transform orphanages from mere survival to thriving centers of hope and resilience.

Dr. Sweet's academic achievements are anchored by a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Pentecostal Theological Seminary, focusing on 21st-century care ministry. His diverse roles as pastor, foster parent, law enforcement chaplain, and crisis intervention specialist have equipped him with unique skills and insights, making him a sought-after consultant and advisor for orphanage organizations worldwide.

Dr. Sweet's dedication to being a husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather is at the heart of his journey. These roles fuel his passion for making a difference in the lives of children and caregivers, guiding his mission to offer healing, hope, and a brighter future for the most vulnerable.

Angela Bryan, Trauma Care Training Instructor

Trauma Care Training Program

Angela Bryan, MS, CMHC

TBRI Educator, EMDRIA Approved EMDR Therapist

Angela Bryan has worked with vulnerable children, families, and adults internationally and in the USA for over 25 years. She holds a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a focus on Trauma and a Bachelor's in Multicultural and Migrant Education, specializing in Family Counseling. She is an authorized TBRI® trauma-informed care educator by the Karen Purvis Institute of Child Development, TCU. She is a licensed Mental Health Therapist and EMDRIA-approved EMDR therapist.

Angela has been on the HOHI international board of directors for over 15 years. She used to manage HOHI‘s interactive child sponsorship program and developed and implemented HOHI‘s one-year Restoration of Hope-Trauma-Care Certification Program*. As Director of Child Development, she supports and trains our staff in trauma-care implementation and mental health.

Outside of HOHI, Angela has developed and teaches trauma care and leadership workshops for professionals across a variety of settings: Some of those include teaching and governing professionals in schools and public school districts, law enforcement and military professionals, medical and mental health care professionals, church leaders and staff higher education, and nonprofit leadership professionals.
For the past 20 + years, Angela has coached professional leaders in businesses and universities in multicultural communication and leadership skills in her role as a Certified Executive Coach.

She is a certified Elijah House Counselor and has served in international missions starting in 1996 in organizations such as Mercy Ships and Youth with a Mission, serving refugees, sex trafficking victims, and vulnerable children and families.
In addition to Haven of Hope International, she currently partners with Shore Coaching, Banyantree Counseling, and Coastal Wellness.

Born and raised in Germany, Angela is fluent in German, English, and Spanish. Together with her husband Paul of 30 years she has raised 3 children and has lived and worked in Germany, Amsterdam, Barcelona, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Florida.

Angela loves traveling, knitting, crafting, the ocean and the mountains, playing with friends and family, and connecting with people from around the world.



Every child deserves the right to live safe from harm in a place they can call home. Orphanages are the last line of defense for these abandoned children. Our rescue program focus on meeting the basic needs of the children, food, clothing and shelter. 



Every child deserves the right to feel they have value and are loved. Abused, abandoned, and orphaned children need acceptance, compassion, and commitment in a loving family atmosphere. Our programs help orphanages create a loving family environment with a Christian Foundation that provides for restoration and equipping the children they serve for their destiny.



Every child deserves the right to have their emotional needs met. Our programs include trauma care training and ongoing support from local psychologists, social workers, and pastoral care. Medical, dental, vision, and nutrition programs are also provided.



Every child deserves the right to be taught skills for a successful future. Our programs provide academic tutors, vocational mentorship, life skills training, gifts assessments, and a transition program that provides support until they are able to live independently.



Our goal is to help foster/orphan care homes take a holistic approach to meet the complex needs of the children.  This takes a strategy and a plan and committed partners that will help these homes until they become sustainable.  Our flagship orphanage, Refugio de Esperanza in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, is an example.

A local church community chose to adopt this home in 2003.  Through ongoing commitment and support, each year, the programs continued to expand.  Volunteers shared their gifts and talents with the children.  Business leaders shared their knowledge to create sustainability programs that are also providing vocational training. 

Creating a multi-year strategy that becomes the pathway to long-term sustainability for the orphanage will equip the children to thrive as independent adults.


Your one-time or monthly donation will help orphanages around the world set a new standard in global orphan care.