What Haven of Hope does would not be possible without people volunteering their time. As a volunteer, you will help change the destiny of orphans all over the world. There are few things more satisfying than knowing your life is making a difference in the lives of those in need.



Jesus said that whatever we do for the least of these, we do for him. When you volunteer your time and resources to helping orphans, you reflect God’s heart and it’s as if you’re doing it for Jesus himself.

If you feel a calling in your heart to serve and help us change the destinies of these precious children, we would love to connect with you. Please fill out the contact form to get started.


Meet Judy Teeven

Creator of Products of Hope!

“I believe everyone has creative potential, but for some it goes undiscovered. My dream is to help you unlock your creativity.” And that is exactly what Judy Teeven, founder of Products of Purpose in Fort Myers, FL, is doing at our flagship orphanage in Santa Cruz, Bolivia with the Products of Hope Sustainability Program she created.

Part of Haven of Hope’s mission is to provide teens with vocational training, giving them skills for a brighter future. The Products of Hope program teaches both the orphanage and age-appropriate children about financial sustainability, product development, marketing, and sales. Through this program, they are changing their future.

At Refugio de Esperanza, Judy has taught the children how to use that which is discarded to create beautiful products. Packaged sea glass was their first product and is sold for use in decorating, home décor, jewelry, and crafting to the local community. Now, they are creating a variety of finished products using sea glass and other up-cycled materials including jewelry, cards, and home décor items.

By combining her love for designing products with her desire to help those in need and 30 years of experience manufacturing products, Judy’s newest venture, Products of Purpose, was recently born.

Products of Purpose joins the Fort Myers community together with local non-profit organizations to make a difference for those in need. They provide veterans, abused women, and those in special circumstances with training and a transitional program that will help them to enter the workforce in a safe and nurturing environment.

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