Building Hope: Update on the Peru Hope Center and How You Can Make a Difference

Excitement is in the air! The Hope Center in Peru is progressing steadily, with a significant milestone achieved—the roof is up! Each step taken brings us closer to creating a space where lives can be transformed, futures can be redefined, and destinies can be fulfilled. But the journey isn’t over yet; the next phase calls for action and support from all those eager to make a difference.


Roof Up: A Step Towards Change

The construction progress on the Hope Center at Refuge of Life in Peru marks a significant stride forward in the initiative to provide a nurturing space for the children. We celebrated the grand opening of Refuge of Life on July 9, 2023. Thanks to the support of generous donors like you, the home now supports 12 orphaned girls who have been abandoned or abused. The Hope Center will serve as a safe space where the children living at the home can access on-site counseling and medical services and will have a library and a place to study. The installation of the roof signifies the building’s structure taking shape, paving the way for a sanctuary that promises hope, opportunity, and support for the children we serve.


Pastora Lilly, staff, and children they serve under the new roof of the Hope Center

Next Step: Interior Walls

In addition to the roof, first floor construction of the Hope Center was completed earlier this year. In January 2024, a dedicated team from MWOA (Men & Women of Action) is set to travel to Peru to install interior walls of the second floor of the Hope Center. This team led by Pastor Dean Ramsey, Carlisle Church of God, aims to save funds and expand their Family of Hope.  However, to achieve this next milestone, the project needs YOU.

Your support can help turn the Hope Center’s vision into a reality. In order to finish the construction and furnish the Center, we need an additional $10,000.  Your investment in this project will directly impact the mental and physical health of the girls that call Refuge of Life home.    Click here to Support the Hope Center.

 Together, Let’s Make a Difference

The Hope Center is not just a building; it represents a space where children will receive healing and their lives will be changed. With your support, the impact goes beyond bricks and mortar—it reaches the hearts and lives of the vulnerable children at Refuge of Life.

You can also support the efforts of Pastora Lilly and her staff by partnering with them through monthly home sponsorship. Please click here for more information.

Together, let’s build hope and make a lasting impact. Your involvement matters. Thank you for considering and being a part of our mission to make a positive change in the lives of the children the Hope Center will serve at Refuge of Life in Peru.