Sponsorship provides the greatest need for a Haven of Hope childLOVE

Our interactive child sponsorship program is a vital part of the healing process for these children who have been rejected, abused and abandoned.  Being “chosen” reassures them of their worth and value.
When you sponsor a child, 100% of your monthly gift provides a “Haven of Hope” that enables them to dream about a better future.

We encourage our sponsors to welcome their Child of Hope into their own family by building an ongoing lasting relationship.  Just like in any other family, your commitment, encouragement and prayers makes a huge impact that helps to keep them focused on their new journey.

How Much Does It Cost To Sponsor A Child?

Your monthly contribution provides not only a family atmosphere with a Christian foundation, food, clothing, education and medical attention but also provides academic tutors, ongoing counseling and vocational training.

Please contact us below to sponsor a child.  We will contact you to discuss the children available and provide you with a photo along with a brief bio including their name, age, location and personal interests.

Follow your heart and join our Hope Family!

What Difference Will You Make In This Child's Life?


Through your iPhone using WhatsApp:

This is a free app that you can download onto your phone to communicate with your child. You can send text messages, pictures and short videos and is absolutely free of charge.


You will have the ability to send emails to your child to let them know you are thinking of them by sending a message to hohangela@gmail.com and she will forward it to your child.

Send Letters and packages via the USPS:

Many want to to send a letter, photo or small package to your sponsored child.  Once you get signed up, we will provide information on where to send these.