Orphan Sunday - November 13, 2022

A Christian Alliance for Orphans Initiative

Join Us--Celebrating 20 Years of Observance

Haven of Hope International has not only been called to serve the unadopted orphans—but to raise their standard of care. Each year we actively support Orphan Sunday, building awareness and raising much needed financial support.

Orphan Sunday is specifically designed to observe and bring awareness to individuals, families, churches, and para-church organizations to hear the distressing cry of 153 million orphans around the world. Sadly, 99% will never be adopted. They represent the ninth largest nation in the world—The Orphan Nation

Started in a small church in Zambia in 2002, today, churches throughout the world recognize Orphan Sunday, advocate for orphans across the globe and celebrate the heart of God for orphans. Join us as we PRAY for these children and those that care for them, SHARE information and build awareness of their basic survival needs, GIVE as generously as you are able, to help care for these children. We have free digital resources to help you get involved, whether you are a church, individual or community, so be sure to email us for materials. 

At Haven of Hope, We Celebrate Orphans Every day 

For the orphan care homes we partner with, orphan care is a 365 day—24 hours a day of care—a staggering 8760 hours of care for one child.  For the approximate 200+ children our partner homes currently serve, that represents 1,752,000 hours each year. Just like the necessary care for any young child--around the clock. 

Alongside the orphans are those adults, “moms and dads”, who help care for these children. Unlike most moms and dads, our “moms and dads” care for 20, 30 and even 40+ children every day, all day. In our six partner homes, there are under 20 caregivers who receive what help we can give to them. But we need to do more and can do mor with your help.

Imagine the countless thousands of caregivers that help care for 153 million children, most often in struggling homes that are barely providing shelter, food, and clothing, let alone the medical and trauma care that most of these children desperately needed. You can understand why we call it an Orphan Crisis. 


Each day we receive more and more requests for financial support from orphan care homes around the world, which has led to our focus on creating a MOVEMENT, not just one day, to be the voice for these children.

We are seeking monthly support commitments through our RESCUE fund and invite you to help out in meeting the most urgent needs of our orphan care home partners.  We invite you join our MOVEMENT and bring awareness and support to orphan care for more than one Sunday a year.

How you can help


Orphans have a destiny to fulfill and desperately need our prayers. We ask that you pray for them with us—praising our Heavenly Father and thanking Him for all He is doing through our incredible Family of Hope. Pray for these children like you pray for your own children. 

Consider inspiring others by posting your prayers on our Facebook page and on Orphan Sunday set aside time for Intercessory Prayer.


Raise awareness by sharing the facts of this crisis with families, friends, colleagues. Help to make this one day of advocacy the start of something greater. Invite communities you are involved with to be a part of the solution by supporting one of our active fundraisers.

Invite your friends and communities to visit our Facebook page and send a message to the children and staff at our partner homes, letting them know THEY ARE NOT FORGOTTEN.


Every day can be a day to help move our orphan care partner homes and the children they serve from surviving to thriving by making a monthly pledge. You can provide stability with ongoing support, no matter how small. A donation of $15.00 can provide an orphan food for a week. $1500 provides for technology for the entire orphanage, enabling education, telehealth and trauma care training. This year more than ever the children need your help.

Orphan Sunday Resources

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