Orphan Sunday

One day. One Voice. One Purpose.
An initiative of the members of the Christian Alliance for Orphans.

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Will you be their voice this Orphan Sunday?

Orphan Sunday is an opportunity to be an advocate for orphans around the world and for churches to celebrate the heart of God for orphans.

The idea of a Sunday for orphans started in a small church in the country of Zambia in Africa, and it has now spread to an awakening of churches throughout the world. Our goal is to provide you with tools so you can get involved and be a part of the solution. Our Orphan Sunday Toolkit below has easy to share resources and statistics.

How you can help

The orphan crisis is overwhelming, but when we work together as a community, even the toughest probelms can be solved.

Pray for orphans

Set time aside to pray for orphans worldwide. These children have destinies to fulfill and need our prayers. Get your church involved to recognize Orphan Sunday on November 11th.

Raise awareness to the orphan crisis

There are 153 million voiceless orphans around and hundreds of orphanages that need your help. The toolkit below has statistics, information and resources you can share on social media or in your church.

Raise funds for project needs and programs

Whether you choose to sponsor a Child of Hope or raise funds for a specific project at an orphanage, our Futures of Hope Vocational program, or our Products of Hope Sustainability program, 100% of the funds raised will be be used to provide a building block for an orphaned child to pursue their dreams.

Adopt an Orphanage

Haven of Hope International has an Adopt an Orphanage program that provides communities the ability to focus their efforts on one orphanage. A strategic 3 year plan is developed to maximize the impact the orphanage makes. With over 50 orphanages waiting, your community can be an integral part of getting an orphanage to sustainability.


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