The foundation of our care is LOVE…and we share it everyday

Why we do what we do.

Diego, age eight, was living alone on the streets of Peru. By day, he begged for food and water. By night, he sought out dark corners where he might be safe from predators. Consumed by fear and a growing sense of hopelessness, he lost sight of everything but the need to survive. 

He collected trash in search of items he might sell, and he was frequently robbed of what little he had. He lived this way for two years — alone, afraid, and believing his destiny was dismal. A local humanitarian group was eventually alerted, and Diego was brought to a local orphanage home.

Orphanages are the last avenues of hope for children like Diego. Our partner homes stand as a testament to the conviction that options and opportunities do not have to be elusive to these children. Thanks to our partnership with six orphan care homes, tomorrow can hold promise, joy, and contentment for these children. Please share some love and help secure the future for Diego and scores of other orphan children by contributing today. Help us reach our $5,000 goal. Click here to GIVE.