Out of Poverty– Our young people graduate with skills to lead successful adult lives

Why we do what we do.

Gabriela is ten years old. The only life she and her three younger sisters have ever known is one of extreme poverty. A year ago, Gabriela’s parents forced her into the labor market to help bring in money to feed the family. She soon became a domestic servant. 

In reality, young Gabriela was exploited. Entirely at the mercy of her employer, she was required to use dangerous tools, carry heavy objects, and work long hours. Fortunately, city officials learned about Gabriela’s plight. When her parents lost their legal rights, Gabriela and her siblings were brought to the local orphanage.

Gabriela is one of 153 million abused, abandoned, and orphaned children around the world. Sadly, fewer than 1% will ever be adopted. Haven of Hope International works with orphanages in South America, Africa, and the Caribbean to equip once-forgotten children like Gabriela and her sisters with the vocational and life skills and support they need to lead happy, healthy, productive lives. Please join our efforts by contributing today and helping us reach our $5,000 goal. Click here to GIVE.