Restoring Spirits–Our children learn to dream, to smile, and to play

Why we do what we do.

What is visible: Annelise, age twelve, has golden-brown curls that form a wild, tousled halo around her head. Her eyes are a soft green, and she’s skilled at pushing out her bottom lip to create the most heartbreaking pout. What can’t be seen: To survive and care for her younger sister, she earns money as a prostitute.  

One night, a passerby spotted her in an alley and contacted the police. Annelise and her sister were turned over to social services and eventually placed in a local orphan care home.

Working in tandem with partner orphan care homes, Haven of Hope International offers children like Annelise and her sister a bright light, illuminating the way to a liberating, thriving, and fulfilling future. Our children receive both trauma and medical care and many go to school for the first time in their lives. Please support us in our efforts to change the lives of children in dire need by contributing today. Click here to GIVE.