Why Trauma Care Matters


Fending for themselves on the streets or in an abusive living environment, most children have experienced trauma when they arrive at the door of an orphanage. Their experiences are so strong in intensity that the pathways in the part of the brain responsible for survival have been formed, overriding rational responses to situations.

Through our Trauma Care Program, developed by Angela Bryan, the impacts of trauma and healing the child are handled in a non-traditional approach.  The beauty of this process is it actually creates connections that weren’t formed in their early years due to neglect of their fundamental needs. 

Trained staff work to move the child out of their survival mode response, disrupting and changing their “fear” brain triggers and creating a different response in the child which changes how their brain is wired. 

Our Trauma Care program includes recorded training videos, PowerPoints and an implementation manual available at no cost to orphanage directors around the world.


Donate to Restoration of Hope as a one-time gift or become a program sponsor with a monthly commitment that provides ongoing monthly support and coaching. 

Together we are setting a new standard in orphan care by providing ongoing physical and emotional support tailored to each child’s specific needs.