Riverside Church Youth goes to Bolivia

This summer Riverside Church took a team of high school students to Haven of Hope International’s flagship orphanage in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

“This week truly made an impact on my heart that cannot accurately be explained by words. I got to see TRUE joy and insane love that Jesus has for us through loving these sweet kids this week. What an honor it was to be a part of these babies’ lives and love on them so deeply and dance with them so freely. Jesus was truly amazing this week, and the majesty of the mountains and nature he created was indescribable. Easily, this was one of the most memorable weeks of my life and I will be forever grateful.”

– Madison, Riverside Church

“In John 14:18, Jesus says, “I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you,” and in this week at Haven of Hope, the Lord has shown so well his love for his children and the heart to chase down every single orphan with hope. These three beans are the newest additions to the Bullock family through sponsorship & it has been incredible to get to know their stories and hearts. Juan David is funny (and a little crazy), Maria values hugs more than any other person on this Earth, and Reynilda is so kind 🙂 Thankful everyday that my kids and every other child at Haven of Hope has a story of restoration, joy, and hope for the future. They are SO awesome.”

-Emma, Riverside Church

“Santa Cruz Bolivia – Haven of Hope Orphanage. A huge piece of my heart is now attached to this place. Each of these kids have very difficult stories often involving abuse and abandonment. God taught me a lot about the beauty of freedom this trip. Despite the rough past these kids had, through God they are filled with joy and are free. They have hope for the future knowing God has a greater plan and he will never leave them. The amount of smiles and joy I saw in them was incredible. They were all so patient with me despite my knowing only a little Spanish. I got to sing, dance, and play with them and share through bible stories how they ae never too young to impactr and make a difference in our world.

-Julianna, Riverside Church