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Thanks from Pastor Miriam, aka “Mom” – Love in Action

Thank you from Africa. Joyful greetings to our Family of Hope!  Reports are streaming in on how you’ve been the hero for “the least of these” because of your donations to the Emergency Rescue Fund!  Our goal is to take you into the world of orphans to not just see the need, but celebrate with us when the needs are met.  Thank you for generously responding! 

We have an update below from Pastor Edward, and a video above from Pastor Miriam from the “JEHO” (John E Halgrim Orphanage) in Nairobi, Kenya.  His first report was that children are starving.  Thankfully, they are receiving food.

Rising costs of food due to shortages has been an added hardship for homes and there was no budget for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) items to reduce exposure to COVID-19.  In addition, many of the homes in this area use firewood to cook their food.  Isn’t that a reminder of just how blessed we are to have electric or gas stoves?

Pastor Miriam continues to encourage the children to trust their Heavenly Father to meet their needs.  A truth that is sometimes hard for an orphan to grasp, since their earthly fathers have not been there for them.  When prayers are answered, it does more than feed their bellies, it feeds their faith.  Listen to her heartfelt message blessing you a million times and thanking God for answered prayers. 

May God continue to bless your families as you have blessed this extended family of yours. You remain in my prayers and would love to hear your testimonies as well!

Gratefully yours,
Alice Skaff
Founder & Executive Director

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– THANK YOU FROM “JEHO” (John E Halgrim Orphanage)

The government has extended the lock down for another 30 days.  The directors of the homes were so grateful to receive the funds to purchase food for their children.  Some food supplies were completely depleted.  Cost of food has tripled and quadrupled in some areas. We have been able to provide food to meet the immediate need, but would like to build up a reserve since we don’t know how long this will last.

For the children who have been sent home to extended families and friends, we have identified their needs and will continue to give them support to the extent we are able to, thanks to your donations. These families were so grateful for the support because they are struggling to provide for their own children. It has gone a long way to ease the tension of another child to feed. 

Thank you From JEHO, Kenya Africa
Here are some of the provision we have been able to provide the orphans at JEHO in Africa.

We are praying that these families would consider keeping the children long term.  We have local pastors and social workers that are following up to help them settle into their new environment.

Keeping up with teacher-guided studies during this pandemic has been another big challenge.  Homes don’t have access to the  internet. Unfortunately most of our children fall into this category and do their best to learn from their school books.  This is not ideal and are struggling without their teacher’s assistance. 

We agree food is the priority right now, but I am working on getting the cost for internet and some tablets if this is something people would like to help with.  I am happy to assist in getting them set up with internet access. 

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About John E Halrgim Orphanage (JEHO) 

Through the leadership of Miriam Dickson Otieno, we are working toward helping these children use their God-given talents and build a better future for all who pass through our doors.  

John E Halrgim Orphanage (JEHO) operates in partnership with Glory of Christ Church and is located in the Embakasi (Pipeline) District of Nairobi, Kenya. 

The home serves 46 children ranging from infant to 18 years of age.  Children are brought to JEHO from hospitals or government agencies, or have been found discarded and abandoned.  The home provides a health assessment, fresh clothing, meals, and a bed in dormitory style accommodations.  Residents attend the local school.

On the crowded rooftop playground, one discovers through observation that JEHO is teeming with artists, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, caregivers, problem solvers, and future community leaders.  

JEHO Neighborhood before COVID-19,
, Nairobi

Kenya continues to be one of the most HIV affected countries in the world, with 1.6 million people currently affected by the disease and 62,000 new cases being reported in 2016. With as many as 36,000 AIDS related deaths, many children are left without family. Unfortunately, due to the stigma that surrounds these deaths, extended family are reluctant to care for these children because of fear that they might bring the disease into their homes.

Thank you for helping us provide stability for these children through this storm!

“For when you’ve done it unto the least of these, you’ve done it unto Me.”

are used to meet the most critical needs 

If you’d like to make an additional donation, you can Text to Give to the Emergency Rescue Fund by texting ‘COVID’ to 239-360-6833 or donate through our secure website below.

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