Empower Sustainable Cooking & Change Lives at Matonyok Children’s Home

One of the current issues the children and staff at Matonyok Children’s Home are facing is the high cost of cooking fuel, limited cooking surfaces, and a smoke-filled kitchen. The home relies on firewood and charcoal for cooking, which is expensive, and the air pollution is harmful to the staff and children. Additionally, the current stove is unable to keep up with the number of children (currently 100+ students plus 50 children living at the home) and staff. The stove currently used is not big enough and this project will expand the cooking surface to handle larger pots. 


Your support for this Biogas Renovation Project will transform the kitchen and improve sustainability efforts at Matonyok Children’s Home. By converting readily available organic waste such as animal manure and kitchen scraps into biogas, this initiative will offer a sustainable and cost-free cooking fuel solution. This upgrade will not only eliminate ongoing cooking expenses but also alleviate the burden of waste removal while creating a healthier environment by eradicating smoke-filled kitchens.

Manure collector after production of gas


This project not only addresses the immediate need for affordable cooking fuel but also champions sustainability. The transition to biogas will significantly reduce indoor air pollution, promoting better health and well-being for the children and staff. Additionally, it cultivates a platform for environmental education and practical learning opportunities for the children, imparting valuable knowledge about renewable energy and waste management.


The impact of this project extends beyond the reduction in operational costs and environmental benefits. It fosters a future where these children can be equipped with skills and understanding in renewable energy, potentially shaping their career paths.


Your contribution will enable the renovation of the biogas system, marking a significant stride towards a sustainable future for Matonyok Children’s Home. Together, we can transform their daily lives, create a healthier environment, and lay the foundation for a more empowered future for these children.


Please join us in supporting Matonyok’s Biogas Renovation Project by clicking here. You can also click here to learn about partnering with the staff at Matonyok through monthly sponsorship. Your generosity will not only impact the immediate lives of these children but also contribute to more sustainability in Tanzania for generations to come.


Thank you for being a part of this transformative journey.