How to train for Mount Kilimanjaro

The more physically prepared you are for climbing Kilimanjaro, the more enjoyable experience you will have. Climb Kili will have a special work out plan prepared for you to get ready for the big climb. As you train, you might consider going on more hikes, take longer walks, etc. You want to be able to be on your feet hiking for a long period of time. Endurance is key. When training, you should focus on endurance (being able to hike for hours at a time at a nice, slow pace). You also want to focus on strength training (especially your legs, arms, and lower back). You should try adding a weight on your back (10-15lbs) to get used to hiking with a backpack on. Similarly, wearing your boots and other gear during workouts is a good conditioner for what to expect on the mountain. Lastly, work on cardio. You want to be comfortable with an elevated heart rate at a high altitude.

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