Highlights from South America 2022


Nestled in the heart of South America, Haven of Hope Orphanage has been rescuing, loving, restoring, and equipping children for nearly 20 years. Directors Gladys and Marco, with the support of their multidisciplinary team, have ministered to over 400 children who have called Haven of Hope their home.


Receiving visitors is a favorite activity at Haven of Hope, so the children and staff were delighted to receive several groups in 2022. As Mamma Gladys puts it, having guests is an injection of love and inspiration that encourages children and staff alike. Thank you for visiting the orphans and encouraging those who have dedicated their lives to caring for them.

In January, a group of leaders from Riverside accompanied Alice and John on a vision trip. High points of this trip were Estefania’s 15th birthday party and John’s marriage proposal to Alice.

Haven of Hope International’s Director of Child Development and TBRI Educator, Angela Bryan, held a week of in-person training staff at Haven of Hope in April. 

In May, a group of sponsors visited Haven of Hope to help with a remodeling project and to hold a “Princes and Princesses of God” Gala Dinner to inspire accurate identity and self-esteem in our children.

AJ White came to Bolivia with Alice and John to explore options for a transition home for youth in need.

Alexis Basik enjoyed a productive stay furnishing and decorating the internship building, Emma’s Echo.

On August 27th, Haven of Hope Orphanage staff members graduated with certificates from Haven of Hope International’s Trauma Informed Care
Certification Program and Texas Christian University’s Trust-Based Relational Intervention Course.

AJ White returned to Bolivia in October with his pastors, Josh and Mandy Taylor, to expand the vision for a transition house.

The Church of God Youth Director for Latin America, Angel Marcial Jr., visited Haven of Hope campus in November. Angel’s father is the
Church of God Field Director for Latin America, and they are helping share Haven of Hope’s vision through their roles in the Church of God.

Christopher Jarrard conducted a site visit for Serving Orphans Worldwide, an organization that has been partnering with Haven of Hope International for years.


In 2022, Haven of Hope created and strengthened connections by taking Bolivia to the nations through several international trips. Marco, Gladys and Cathy traveled to the United States twice. In February, they visited with Haven of Hope sponsors and friends and participated in Riverside Church’s Missions Week. In July, they attended two international events held by the Church of God. And in August, Marco traveled to Quito, Ecuador to share Haven of Hope’s vision with international leaders that are heading up a fundraising campaign for Latin America.

Directors Marco and Gladys attended Haven of Hope International’s 2022 Strategic Planning Board Meeting.

The Haven of Hope team visited some of the first people who invested in the orphanage in Bolivia at City Gate

The Haven of Hope International had a spot during the Latin American Pre-Assembly.
Nation of Orphans flags were presented to Latin American Field Director Dr. Angel Marcial Sr. and Bolivia’s National Overseer, Bishop Freddy Jimenez.

General Assembly is a great place to connect with other ministries, meet with international leaders and make new contacts.
Haven of Hope is recognized as an impactful ministry by an increasing number of church leaders.

Haven of Hope International hosted a luncheon in Fort Myers.

Marco presents projects and programs to international Church of God leaders during a trip to Quito, Ecuador.
Haven of Hope Orphanage is one of four ministries that will receive donations from Youth World Evangelism Action’s fundraising campaign in 2023.


Haven of Hope’s campus continues to expand as its vision grows. In 2022, a property adjacent to the current campus was purchased as a Boys’ Campus, an internship building called “Emma’s Echo” was completed, and the construction of the Rhonda Jarvis Dream Center on the boys’ campus began. The contributions of generous donors like you have made these dreams a reality.


The dream of having an internship program at Haven of Hope started to take form when Alexis Basik spent 2019 in Bolivia developing and writing the internship program. She left just days before the pandemic closed Bolivia’s borders and the country entered several months of strict quarantine. Just over a year after borders reopened, construction of Emma’s Echo began. Emma’s Echo commemorates the life and influence of Emma Bullock, a beloved friend of Haven of Hope.

The group of teenagers that live on the ground level of Emma’s Echo temporarily moved to the Jada Biblical Seminary campus during construction. Their dorms were remodeled to create coherency in the building’s design.

Emma’s Echo is beautiful, complete and ready for use.

Riverside Student Ministry brought bedding and decorations to adorn the newly remodeled dorm spaces.

Emma’s Echo has a fashionable, fully furnished living room, kitchen, and dining area. Four of the eight bedrooms are also ready to house interns.


For years Haven of Hope has been envisioning a space to expand programs for its growing boys. The idea started as a separate building on campus with a “friendly barrier” to enhance the monitoring of contact between the boys and girls. That dream grew into a full-fledged campus for boys, and thanks to a Legacy of Hope donation coupled with generous contributions from several sponsors, Haven of Hope International purchased the property for a boys’ campus. In September, construction kicked off on a building that houses the boys’ dorm, workshops for vocational programs, and a psychology office. The building will carry the name of a cherished young woman, Rhonda Jarvis, who loved working with children thanks to generous donations from the Heartland Region of the Church of God.


Turning 15 is a big deal in Latin America and among Latinos, and Bolivia is no exception. This coming-of-age birthday party is a formal celebration that is only surpassed in elegance by a wedding. While quinceañera parties have been around for centuries, more recently Evangelical families have embraced the tradition as a time to publicly pronounce blessings over their children at this milestone age. Haven of Hope celebrated 6 of these extra special birthdays in 2022. A special thank you to those who donated towards these celebrations, to sponsors who sent messages of blessings to their children and to those who were able to be present at the event. These are unforgettable moments that mark the hearts of our young people.


Haven of Hope deeply appreciates the international support that keeps its doors open. Local connections, support, and sustainability options are also pursued to expand the Family of Hope nationally as well. While most local support is from donations in kind and purchases at fundraising activities, some have signed up for local child sponsorship.

Groups organize bread sales to raise money for specific needs of the group. Bread is a staple in the Bolivian diet, so knowing how to make and sell bread is a skill that could help our children through laps in employment as young people or adults.


Haven of Hope International’s sponsors and board members often donate towards items or activities that are outside of the monthly budget. From emergency dental care and braces to washing machines and cell phones for university students to storage alternatives and cabinets and even a brand-new minivan, our sponsors go above and beyond to facilitate the day-to-day tasks of caring for our children.


Haven of Hope has welcomed over 400 children to its family in its almost 20 years of existence. While many children transition to adulthood with us, others experience a more temporary stay. In either case, our children will always be part of our Haven of Hope Family.


Continual improvement is a motto that is applied at Haven of Hope. In addition to the training provided on campus, our staff and youth continue to seek ways to progress.

Youth who now live off campus also graduated high school:


When Haven of Hope International first became acquainted with Pastora Lilly in 2017, she and her family had already been nourishing the children and family of her community for many years through the church she founded. However, seeing the dire need in her neighborhood sparked her vision to expand to a full-time rescue and care for the children who have been abandoned to vicious cycle of poverty. Today, the Refuge of Life Church continues to thrive, and the Refuge of Life Orphanage is at the brink of opening its doors in the hot and humid, Amazon rain forest city of Pucallpa, which lies along the Ucayali River.


Physical nourishment is only part of the outreach to the community at Refuge of Life. Weekly Sunday School and church services as well as other special activities are held to nurture the spiritual and social aspects of their lives.


Taking advantage of ample space available on the property, the first sustainability project that launched at Refuge of Life was a chicken coop. Other programs in development are selling drinking water and bread.


Haven of Hope International representatives and sponsors travelled to Pucallpa throughout the year for a first-hand experience of the reality being addressed at Refuge of Life, to build relationships with the amazing leadership there and to discover the best courses of action for the orphanage building projects to advance. Visitors are always enchanted by the warm, open welcome of leaders and children alike.


The vision that was planted in Pastora Lilly’s heart has blossomed into an orphanage campus that includes three houses, a bakery/cafeteria, a water well, and an enormous perimeter wall. The generosity of sponsors and dedication of local leadership that have made this dream a reality are awe-inspiring.

Photos of part of the orphanage property before the perimeter walls were built.

The perimeter wall enclosed the entire orphanage campus, provided the safety that the children there will need.

A low area of the property was marshy. This photo was taken before a drainage ditch was dug.

These photos were taken after the ditch was dug, creating more square feet of usable land on the property.

The houses are mostly completed, and some furniture has been purchased.



The year 2022 brought incredible blessings as well as enormous challenges. Together we have pushed through political crises and hurricanes and illness and injury to create a brighter tomorrow for the children who are touched by these ministries. Together, relationships have been formed, buildings erected, programs funded, needs met. Thank you for persevering with us in 2022 to make an impact in the lives of the children. May God abundantly bless and prosper you!

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