Clean Water Sustainability at Refugio de Esperanza

The new Rhonda Jarvis Boys’ Dream Center on the Joe Morici Boys’ Campus in Bolivia uses a new water filter that connects to the original well. This is already saving the home thousands of dollars a year, by not having to use the city’s water at all their buildings. We sincerely appreciate the idea from engineer Robert McGrath, the work from Men & Women of Action (MWOA) teams, and support from Persimmon Church of God, home sponsors, and generous donors, like you!

Unfortunately, the original well used at Refugio de Esperanza was recently contaminated by a septic tank. However, in addition to the boys at the Dream Center, the girls at Refugio de Esperanza (Haven of Hope Bolivia) can also have access to the new clean water source. We are seeking to amplify the drinking water system used by the Dream Center to the entire home, saving an estimated $12,000 per year in water costs.

Robert McMath suggested the use of a triphasic 4HP pump with a 200-liter water tank and pump for the Rhonda Jarvis Boys’ Cream Center. To shelter this equipment, an amplification is required for the space where the tank and pump that provide for the Rhonda Jarvis Boys’ Dream Center. A triphasic electrical line must also arrive to that space, which will be done aerially from where the elevated, cement water tower is located.

To summarize the technical jargon above, we are seeking funds to connect the new water filter on the existing well to the water lines on the original property. The estimated total cost for the amplification of this water purification system is $10,680.10.

Will you please prayerfully consider supporting us in this endeavor, so all the children can have access to clean drinking water without costly fees paid by the home to the city? You can offer your support, by visiting this link.

We, at Haven of Hope International, thank you for all the support you have given and the support you continue to provide. YOU are allowing children in our partner homes around the world to have access to basic necessities, such as clean drinking water, and much, much more!

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