Food Sustainability at Mantonyok—Engaging in Agricultural Practices

Matonyok Children’s Home is making a profound impact in the lives of orphaned children. The home offers them not only a place to call home but also access to education and holistic development. Recently they utilized 2 hectares of land in the immediate vicinity of the home for maize and beans cultivation.

The results were truly heartwarming for the home and children. They successfully harvested an impressive 1000 kilograms of maize providing a source of nourishment for their children and one step toward self-sufficiency in food production.

Agricultural efforts have not only fortified their capacity to provide nutritious meals for our children but have also instilled within them a sense of self-reliance and agricultural skills that will serve them well in the future–a platform for skill development. Children actively participated in agricultural activities, gaining valuable knowledge and experience in farming practices. This empowerment equips them with essential life skills that will be beneficial in their future endeavors.

While Matonyok will continue to invest in sustainable agriculture, their need for additional support for food remains. They need management for their animal farms and any support to help secure sustainability for future seasons. Together, we are sowing the seeds of hope and change, ensuring a brighter future for these children. To learn more on how you can help support this home, click here.