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Madho Basdeo - Founder and Director

Pastor Madho Basdeo, Gasparillo Ministry Centre originally founded Operation Smile Home for Children in Trinidad and Tobago out of a deep concern for neglected and displaced kids. His transformative journey began when he encountered a hungry young boy on the streets during his late teens. Filled with compassion, he brought the child home on his motorcycle and provided for his needs.

This marked the inception of his vision: to empower homeless and abandoned children, enabling them to attain physical, educational, social, and spiritual development, while realizing their God-given potential. Madho Basdeo's aspiration is that these children will grow into responsible, positive contributors to their families, communities, and nation.

The Basdeos founded Operation Smile Home for Children in 1997, providing family-style residential care for abused and abandoned children on a 10-acre plot in Lower Poonah, Williamsville, Trinidad.

Sandy Joy Basdeo - Manager

Sandy Joy Basdeo, stands with her parents, who served as the home’s Directors, since the early 2000’s and welcomed countless children through the doors of Operation Smile.

While renovations have been taking place, Sandy Joy, daughter of Madho and Chandra Basdeo, has been working on strategic planning and HOHI will be assisting with coaching and training her new leadership team.  She understands the importance of having an educated support team to support the home parents.

Restoring, rekindling, and cultivating the goals and aspirations of each child, providing each the opportunity to achieve his or her fullest God-given potential in whatever vocation they may choose, is this home’s overall goal.

Sandy Joy Basdeo Operation Smile Home for Children Trinidad 2024


In June 2023, major renovations were completed by tireless Men & Women of Action teams for 4 of the 6 family style cottage homes built in 2006. Among the renovations:  new kitchen cabinets; new beds, closets and desks for each bedroom; new toilets, tile work for bathrooms; overall cleaning and painting of interiors; hot water heaters; repairs to the exterior utility rooms.

Read more about how communities pulled together to provide hope once again to children in Trinidad in our blog.




Operation Smile Dream Home Plans


In addition to the home renovations, a multi-functional Hope Center is also planned to be built on an existing foundation and incorporate a kitchen/cafeteria, library, computer lab, infirmary, therapy/visitation room, and a group den/play area for the children.

Take a look at the video updates for more information on the Hope Center.

Please help us undergird these efforts by sponsoring this home.

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January 30, 2024

In the heart of Poonah, Trinidad, a ray of hope shines anew. On February 27, we will celebrate the ribbon-cutting and grand re-opening of Operation Smile Children’s Home, a sanctuary that has stood as a pillar of love and care for over two decades. This momentous occasion marks not just a physical refurbishment, but a…

Uniting for a Cause: Organizations Join Forces to Help Orphans in Poonah, Trinidad

September 5, 2023

In a world often marked by divisions, it’s heartening to witness the power of unity and collaboration. For three years, two organizations, Men & Women of Action (MWOA) and Haven of Hope International (HOHI), have been working together to promote a much-needed renovation project in Poonah, Trinidad. This year, their unwavering dedication bore fruit, thanks…

Empowering Change: Haven of Hope International’s Team Offering Logistical and Financial Support

July 6, 2023

Funding and coordination for the shipping of vital supplies were led by Andrew Carricarte, a member of HOHI’s Advisory Board. This dedicated effort involved transporting the 40′ container from South Carolina, through the Savannah and Port of Spain ports, and ultimately to Poonah, Trinidad, all in time for the team’s arrival. The success of this…

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About The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago islands are located in the area called the West Indies. Trinidad and Tobago became a republic in 1976. They are the two southernmost islands in the Caribbean chain and are just a few miles off the South American continent. The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is the 5th largest island country in West Indies and the most industrialized and prosperous nation in the Caribbean. The population is approximately 1.4 million with an estimated 20% under 15-years-of-age. The capital of Trinidad and Tobago is Port of Spain on Trinidad, the second largest city in the country and a major port. It is the administrative and financial center.

Trinidad, the larger and most populace of the two islands, is about one and a half times the size of the state of Rhode Island. Mountain ranges crisscross the country, and the climate is tropical. Trinidad is drained by numerous short rivers and streams along with many large swamp areas.

While considered a high-income country and economic growth because of gas and oil exports, 17% of the Trinidad and Tobago population lives below the poverty line and areas of extreme poverty are present. School is obligatory and free for children between 5 and 16 years. Sadly, young people are often vulnerable and can experience rape, physical abuse, drug use, or living situations where parents are under the influence of drugs or committing crimes. Homeless children who live in the street are also prone to trafficking and face significant insecurity and sometimes become criminals themselves.