Uniting for a Cause: Organizations Join Forces to Help Orphans in Poonah, Trinidad

In a world often marked by divisions, it’s heartening to witness the power of unity and collaboration. For three years, two organizations, Men & Women of Action (MWOA) and Haven of Hope International (HOHI), have been working together to promote a much-needed renovation project in Poonah, Trinidad. This year, their unwavering dedication bore fruit, thanks to the incredible efforts of Patton Butts, MWOA’s State Coordinator for South Carolina, who attends Calvary Church in Westminster, SC.

The project aimed to renovate 20-year-old cottages so the home could pass government regulations and provide a better living environment for orphans in Poonah, Trinidad. Here’s how these organizations, along with the support of local communities, pulled together to make it happen.

Patton Butts: A Catalyst for Change

Patton Butts emerged as a true champion of this cause. Not content with merely involving his church, Calvary Church, he reached out to several other churches, igniting a collective spirit of compassion and philanthropy. Together, they embarked on a mission to collect and ship essential supplies to Trinidad.

A Container Full of Hope

The collaborative effort resulted in the filling of a 40-foot container with an array of vital items. This container carried lumber for 30 beds, 5 sets of kitchen cabinets, 4 new sofas, 4 new dining room tables, 32 chairs, 5 sinks with hardware, and 30 beds-in-a-bag. Additionally, it was laden with boxes of hygiene products, a testament to the comprehensive support the orphans would receive.

HOHI is steadfast in its commitment to empowering orphanage directors, as it forms the cornerstone of our mission to enhance the lives of the less fortunate. Our dedication to their well-being begins with the crucial first step of rescue, ensuring they have a safe haven to call home, filled with the love and care these children deeply yearn for.

However, at HOHI, our commitment doesn’t conclude with the act of rescue alone. It extends far beyond the initial renovations and encompasses ongoing training and consulting initiatives. Our aim is to establish a sustainable model of care, one that will provide continuous support for the un-adopted children in Poonah, Trinidad. If you would like to learn more on how you can partner with Operation Smile through monthly sponsorship, please click here.