Start a Christmas Tradition

In my childhood memories, Christmas time brought strong anticipation of gifts on Christmas morning. There would be family gatherings, family games, toys, and the southern-prepared tasty delights were glorious. I remember Mom reminding me of children who had little; donations were collected to provide for them. However, lack seemed so far away. At Haven of Hope International, we see the needs up close. Weekly and even daily, we hear the stories of great need. For the children we serve, anticipation of a toy or a good meal at Christmas is lost when you have never had a toy and good meals are scarce.


Together, we can change this. You can be part of our efforts to provide a toy, clothing, school supplies, and a bountiful feast with meat protein (a luxury for our kids). We have dared the children to dream of the best Christmas ever—a wonderful anticipation of joy, singing, gifts, and food. In years past, we have seen a child hold their first toy: a little boy with a truck and girls with dolls. We have seen teenagers cry because they received their first brand-new outfit, and they weren’t going to school with worn-out shoes. Christmas is about more than a shelter, a bed, clothes, rice & beans; it is about the celebration of the Christ-child and the children that are part of our Family of Hope around the world. Let’s make it happen.


Make your gift today and then join the Family of Hope for Christmas Around the World on December 9th at 10 AM EST. We are committed to making heartwarming memories for the kids we serve. We joyfully anticipate stories, songs, and having you experience their joy with us this season.