Products of Hope!

Part of Haven of Hope’s mission is to provide age appropriate teens, vocational training, giving them hope for a brighter future. Our sustainability program, Products of Hope, created by our board member Judy Cutler-Teeven, teaches both the orphanage and children about financial sustainability.

These programs have a dramatic impact on not only lives of orphans, but also form a framework, though which orphanages can become self sustaining. Saleable products are identified, created and sold providing income for the orphanage. As well, a portion of sales is set-aside for each participant and will be available to them when they reach adulthood and transition to independent living.

At Refugio De Esperanza, using that which is discarded, the children learn to create beautiful products. Packaged sea glass was their first product and is sold for use in decorating, home décor, jewelry and crafting. Now they are creating a variety of finished products using sea glass and other up-cycled materials including jewelry, cards and home decor items.

We are seeking support for Phase II of our Sea Glass Sustainability Program.  Phase II project cost is $12,550 for two main areas: a simple, safe and cost effective work space POD and a dedicated staff member to manage all facets of the program, glass collection, sales, marketing and delivery.

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