Feeding Hope: How Chickens and Black Soldier Flies are Transforming Orphanage Sustainability

In the heart of our mission to support orphanages, we’ve embarked on an interesting and remarkable journey

A child at Haven of Hope Bolivia, smiling with a chicken from their coop

towards sustainability that not only benefits the environment but also provides a vital source of protein for the children we care for. At Haven of Hope International, we believe in creating lasting change, and our innovative programs involving chickens and black soldier flies are doing just that!


Chickens: Our Feathered Allies

Chickens play a vital role in our sustainability efforts. They provide a consistent source of fresh eggs, an excellent source of protein, and their droppings are rich in nutrients for our gardens. By raising chickens at our orphanages, we’ve created a closed-loop system that benefits both our children and the environment.

The nutritious eggs laid by our feathered friends not only enrich the children’s diets but also reduce our food expenses. This ensures that more resources are available to improve the overall quality of life for the children under our care.


Black Soldier Flies: Nature’s Recyclers

Black soldier flies might not be the most glamorous creatures, but they are unsung heroes in our sustainability journey. These flies are expert decomposers, turning organic waste into nutrient-rich larvae that our chickens absolutely love. This means less food waste, lower disposal costs, and a consistent, free source of protein for our chickens.

Our program involving black soldier flies has a twofold impact. First, it helps reduce our ecological footprint by diverting food scraps from landfills. Second, it contributes to the health and well-being of the children. The larvae produced by these flies are not only an eco-friendly source of chicken feed but also ensure that our kids receive the necessary protein to grow strong and healthy.

Black soldier fly nutrient-rich larvae

At Haven of Hope International, we firmly believe that a sustainable future is one where everyone thrives. Together, we’re making this vision a reality, one feathered friend and one black soldier fly at a time. Join us in feeding hope and creating lasting change for orphanages and their children around the world.