The Exciting Futures of our Haven of Hope Bolivia Future of Hope Young Ladies

Our current Future of Hope young ladies are a group of diverse individuals, each with their own unique interests, aspirations, and areas of study including education, technology, design, business, and more.

Luz Marina – Information Engineering and the Love for Music: Luz Marina, a third-year university student studying Information Engineering, combines her passion for technology with her love for music. When she’s not immersed in coding and solving complex problems, Luz Marina enjoys listening to music and reading. Her ability to balance her academic activities with her pursuit of God is truly commendable.

Maria Fernanda – From Business Studies to the Beauty Industry: Maria Fernanda, a driven business student, dreams of owning her own beauty studio one day. She finds joy in the art of transforming people’s appearances and boosting their confidence. Maria Fernanda is also a dedicated Sunday School teacher who applies her creativity to designing motivational phrases. Alongside her studies, she spends her free time exploring her culinary skills, making delicious treats, and playing soccer with her friends.

Fernanda – A Passionate Educator with Children in Focus: Fernanda is pursuing her studies in Preschool Education and is committed to making a difference in the lives of young children. Her dedication to early childhood education is evident in her participation in CECAP Technical Studies and her enthusiasm as a Sunday School teacher. Fernanda also finds time to engage in recreational activities such as crafting and listening to music, nurturing her creative side.

Martha – Business Administration with a Love for Music and Reading: Martha, a third-year student studying Business Administration, embraces her love for music and literature. She finds solace in listening to various genres of music and enjoys immersing herself in captivating books. Despite her demanding studies and part-time job, Martha prioritizes her passions, using them as a source of inspiration and relaxation.

Eva – A Well-rounded Individual with a Love of Education: Eva demonstrates a well-rounded personality, balancing her studies as a first year Education Sciences student with practical experience at Haven of Hope Bolivia.  She enjoys playing soccer, engaging in outdoor activities, reading the Bible, managing the multimedia devices for activities at Haven of Hope, and pursuing her academic ambitions. Her commitment to personal growth and development is evident in her pursuit of a rewarding career.

Yoselina – Social Outreach and the Love for Acting: Yoselina engages in vocational job replacement while she is finishing her studies in Marketing and Sales at a local institute.  She also actively participates in a social outreach program at Casa de Dios campus church. Her compassionate nature drives her to prepare groceries and clothes for those less fortunate. In addition to her community work, Yoselina has a passion for acting and enjoys playing soccer and exploring various crafts.

Carlota – Social Communications and Teaching: Carlota, a third-year university student studying Social Communications, internships at a church and actively contributes to teaching Sunday school. She is driven by her desire to connect with others and make a positive impact through effective communication. Carlota’s commitment to her studies and her service to the community are truly inspiring.

From music and arts to social outreach and entrepreneurship, their stories showcase the power of following one’s dreams. Let’s celebrate their dedication, ambition, and unwavering spirit as they strive to make a difference in their respective fields and in the lives of those around them. Click here to learn more about our Future of Hope program.