Boil The Water

Just $25 per child per month can keep their pantry full.

The Matonyok Children’s Center, our partner home in Arusha, Tanzania, has faced recurring food crisis. Whenever the pantry is empty, the Director and Staff are always full of hope that the Lord will deliver.

On multiple occasions, Emmy, the Director shared that she would simply “boil water” and pray, trusting that God would supply.  Without fail, food would always show up.  Sometimes through local churches,  other times, local businesses and some times from neighbors.

One day, a group of visitors unaware of the food crisis arrived seeking a tour of the home. Despite overwhelming challenges, the Director selflessly gave them a tour. As they prepared to leave, the visitors unveiled a hidden treasure—a truck filled with provisions. Under the cover—a truckload of rice, beans, meat, flour, candy, and other items that they generously donated to the home.

Tears of joy and gratitude flowed as the Director and Staff beheld the abundance before them. God has been faithful, but we would like to eliminate their need to trust God for meals.  The Matonyok Children’s Center requires ongoing support, passion, and love to ensure the children’s well-being.

It takes only $25/child/month to help Matonyok Children’s Center keep their pantry full and feed 54 children. To help, click here.