Orphan Sunday, November 10, 2024 Let's come together, take a knee, then stand up for the 153 million orphans globally

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By taking a knee for Orphan Sunday, we not only raise awareness about the challenges faced by orphans but also inspire meaningful action that can transform lives. In unity, empathy, and collective effort, we find the power to create a haven of hope for every child in need.

To “Take a Knee” has taken on many different meanings throughout history. However, one of the oldest meanings is to kneel in prayer—humbling yourself before God. This is how we, at Haven of Hope International, invite supporters of the 153 million orphans worldwide to “Take a Knee” this Orphan Sunday. Take a knee to pray for the abandoned, abused, and orphaned children, humbling ourselves before God and before them, for many of us cannot imagine the trauma these children experience before being introduced to a loving orphanage/foster care home.

99 Left Behind
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Haven Of Hope Intl 99 Left Behind Orphan Sunday 2024
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Organize your church and/or community to virtually attend in our live streaming event promoting Orphan Sunday.
Join us, virtually, as we share how Haven of Hope International is raising the standard of orphan care and creating an environment for these children to thrive in orphan/foster care homes globally.  We believe that TOGETHER, we CAN change their world.
After you register, we encourage you to share stories, educate others about the challenges faced by orphans, and discuss ways to get involved.


We invite you to become an Ambassador to the Nation of Orphans

Join the movement and be a part of the solution. If not the Church community, then who? These children need a voice, and they need family support. Register now to become an Ambassador.  You can help us give them a brighter future. 

The Hidden Toll of the Worldwide Orphan Crisis

Each Orphan Sunday observance brings together an estimated 123 nations to advocate for orphans. The majority will be advocating for adoption. Each year Haven of Hope International actively supports Orphan Sunday with a continued focus on the un-adopted. We pray that every child is placed in a loving family. However, the reality we know and live in each day is that not every orphaned, abandoned, or abused child will be adopted. Orphanages around the world continue to receive the children that are left behind. These children are who we focus on every day of the year. We have not only been called to serve the un-adopted — but to raise the standard of orphan care.

There worldwide orphan crisis is REAL— 153 million children. If we were to gather them together, they would be the 9th largest country in the world — the Nation of Orphans. Pause for a moment and think about that fact…larger than Russia, Mexico, Japan, and 223 other countries and territories according to the United Nations Population Division

The harsh reality is that 99% of them will never be adopted. They are a voiceless nation in need of ambassadors — people who have the heart to pray, advocate and provide the support needed to help them achieve the dreams that God has put in their hearts.  Survival is their challenge. Orphan care homes are often their only safety net, one step away from a life on the streets. Even with the best intentions, most orphanages are barely surviving. Every day, children are aging out and are not prepared for adulthood…back to a life on the streets.

Haven of Hope International empowers orphan care homes to create an environment for the children to thrive through training and strategic support.

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How you can help


We ask that you pray for them for the children and pray for the caregivers for His plans to be established in their lives.


Become a voice for these children. Raise awareness by sharing the facts of this crisis with families, friends, and colleagues. Learn more by signing up to be an Ambassador.


Haven of Hope is committed to setting a new standard of Orphan care. We can't do that without financial support.  We invite you to join our Family of Hope by supporting our life changing work.