We are setting a new standard in orphan care by partnering with young professionals or semi-professionals to enhance and enrich programs already established at Haven of Hope Bolivia. We will be providing young adults with meaningful, cross-cultural, hands-on experience in their field of study under the direct supervision of educated and well-trained staff.



Refugio de Esperanza has served more than 350 orphaned children and is considered one of Bolivia’s most beautiful orphanage homes and campuses. It is also one of the most progressive in terms of caring for children. Its multi-disciplinary approach to meeting the complex needs of the children sets a new standard in orphan care.


Social Work/Psychology      Teaching


                      Full Year                   Fall Semester

                                                              Spring Semester

                                                              Summer Semester


Unmatched Professional Growth

  • Collaborate with and learn from professionals in your field
  • Perform meaningful work and receive hands-on experience
  • Develop your professional skills and a better sense of your chosen career in an international setting
  • Receive ongoing guidance, support, debriefing, and coaching

Language & Culture Competency

  • Expand your capacity to work across unique global and cultural contexts
  • Develop intercultural communication skills
  • Immerse yourself in the Spanish language
  • Leave with an A2 or B1 Spanish Certification

Support in Future Goals

  • Receive internship credit
  • Gain a competitive edge when entering the workforce
  • Differentiate yourself as a job candidate
  • Leave with excellent references



We are only accepting female candidates, seeking or possessing degrees in Social Work, Psychology, Teaching, or a closely related degree. We are looking for interns who have a Christian faith.

Refugio de Esperanza is home to about 45 children, ages 5 to 23 years old. Each child comes with their own specific stories, needs, and love to give. All of the children at HOH Bolivia have trauma histories and therefore, all of the work done with them is through the lens of trauma-informed care. Click below for more information on our trauma-informed care program – Restoration of Hope.


For Application

Full Year                               October 1 or May 1

Fall Semester                      May 1

Spring Semester                October 1

Summer Semester            February 1


For 2024 – 2025

Full Year                              August 26, 2024
                                             or January 6, 2025

Fall Semester                    August 26, 2024

Spring Semester              January 6, 2025

Summer Semester          May 6, 2025


> Who will I be serving?

Our kids range from 5 to 23, and most of them are a part of sibling sets. While each of them has experienced some level of trauma, landing them in our home, each one is fantastic!

> Can I receive university credit for my internship?

Credit is given at the discretion of each respective college or university. Be sure to speak with a coordinator at your school before beginning the internship to arrange proper credit.

> Can I fundraise to help cover the cost?

Absolutely! We will give you an individualized platform to receive tax-deductable donations through our organization.

> Will I need a passport or Visa?

Yes, you will need both. Start applying for your passport ASAP. We will help you with your Visa, which you will get at the airport in Bolivia once you land.

> Where will I be staying?

You will be living in a brand new internship dormitory alongside other interns. The dorm is on campus but is a separate space for the interns to relax.

> Do I need to know Spanish?

While you need to hit a certain Spanish level before going, we will give you the tools to help you get there!

> Will I need to apply for permanency?

Yes, once you get into the country, our team will help you through this process step by step.

> Will I have access to WiFi?

Yes, our campus is fully wired.