From Kenya, Africa…thank you for our technology package. Now our children can attend school during Covid.

The children and staff at “Watu Wa Maana,” meaning “very important people”, thank the “very important people” that have provided them a very important  technology package and internet connection. You have made it possible for them to go to school during this Covid period. 

Watu Wa Maana, a residential children’s’ home for approximately 43 boys and girls, is located in Ruiru. This is a small town approximately 20 miles northwest of Nairobi, Kenya in Africa. Director Wanjiru started the home 17 years ago. The majority of the children in her home have lost one or both parents and ended up on the streets. Others have been under the care of abusive and neglectful family members. 

Director Wanjiru, along with Pastor James and community volunteers, know these children are valuable to God and have a destiny to fulfill. And, as such, they work to ensure the children get a solid education. The children are grateful to all who are helping them pursue their dreams. 

Support from Haven of Hope International and The Least of These organizations provided the technology and Internet connection service. Take a few minutes and watch the video, which shows how the technology is being used. The children and staff are grateful for everyone’s generosity.

Equipment Purchased With The Technology Package Donations

Thanks to donor generosity, Watu Wa Maana was able to purchase the technology package they needed to keep their children in school. This included:

  • Laptops with i7 processing x 2 – they have two sets of equipment for enabling students in primary and secondary schooling to study at the same time.
  • Webcams x 2, wide angle to be able to see more people in class room.
  • Projectors x 2, with Android connection, which means it can use the internet without using a laptop.
  • Router for boosting the wifi to extend the reach to each room where the children have zoom classes.
  • HDMI cables for connecting items.
  • Projector Screens x 2 (70′ by 70′) for displaying the zoom classes.

We are still asking for donations to help EQUIP other homes we are working with and asking for assistance.. You can learn more about the need for providing them with a technology package here.

Our role remains – setting a new standard in orphan care.

Will you help us and share this report with others.