Embrace Easter’s Miracle: Resurrecting Dreams with Haven of Hope Intl.

For many of us, Easter is a time of reflection and renewal. At Haven of Hope International, we invite you to join us in a heartfelt prayer initiative, "Resurrecting Dreams."

This Easter, we seek to commemorate the resurrection of hope for all humanity and ignite a prayer movement that breathes life into the dreams of children living in our partner homes.

At the heart of "Resurrecting Dreams" lies the belief that every child holds within them a wellspring of potential and dreams waiting to be awakened and nurtured. Despite facing adversities that have tried to kill the prospects of hope, these children still carry aspirations no different from those of children everywhere—to learn, grow, and be loved. Easter reminds us of the power of renewal and the promise of a future where these dreams can flourish.

Haven of Hope Intl Orphan girls upon arriving at the Have of Hope Orphanage in Bolivia, and after being received home and experiencing love, care and support.

We call upon everyone to dedicate moments of their Easter reflections to pray for a breakthrough for these children and those who care for them.

For the children, pray for healing from past traumas, for educational paths to unfold, for the doors of opportunity to open wide, and for the warmth of supportive communities to embrace them.

For the dedicated caregivers, pray that they would be strengthened and renewed, for their faith to remain strong in the midst of obstacles, for divine insight into God’s plan for each child, and how to love them well.

"Resurrecting Dreams" is more than a call to prayer; it is a commitment to action.

By supporting Haven of Hope International, you contribute to the tangible resurrection of dreams as we undergird those on the frontlines with weekly coaching, training, and strategic financial support.

The results are young people graduating at the top of their class, Giving back to their society by volunteering, and inspiring their younger “brothers and sisters“— all because people like you chose to get involved.

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Bolivia Graduate 122023 1080x1080
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If you have not yet joined our Family of Hope by sponsoring a child or home, we invite you to consider sponsoring one of the two following homes that have the greatest need at this time:

Operation Smaile 2020 Three Kids 1080x566

This Easter, let us come together in prayer and action, holding the children in our hearts and envisioning a future where every dream is recognized, nurtured, and celebrated.

Join us in "Resurrecting Dreams," and together, let's witness the miracle of transformation and the joy of fulfilled potential in the lives of these deserving children.

Haven of Hope International Resurrecting Dreams this Easter 2024
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