Calling All Men. . .

By Alice B. Sweet

Did you know that there are 153 million orphans globally? They would be the 9th largest nation in the world. There is a crisis in this nation that very few are talking about. You see, every 3 seconds, a child ages out of foster and orphan care.

Since 99% of these children will never be adopted, they have no support and will need to face life as an adult alone. In addition, the majority take the baggage of their traumatic past with them. The circumstances that made them orphans, the abuse they had to flee from to survive, or the fact that their parents chose to discard them.

Without life and vocational skills, statistics tell us that 60% of boys turn to a life of crime, 70% of girls – prostitution, and 10-15% attempt suicide. Would you agree that this is a crisis?

The Nation of Orphans needs ambassadors.

Their flag – inspired by their Heavenly Father – was created to bring awareness and inspire action. Our hope is that when people see this flag, they will be reminded of their plight. As a mother who advocates for her children, I’m calling on men to provide a covering for these children.

Just as you pray for your children, please pray for these children – speak over this nation. Just as you would advocate for your children, please advocate for these children in your circles of influence. Just as you provide for your children, I’m asking you to pray about how you can support them financially. It may be adoption; it may be fostering. Both are big asks…Everyone can support a home that cares for these children.

At Haven of Hope International, we work hard to create an environment for these children to thrive. That’s the nurturing, motherly side of me, doing what I can. Just as your mother needed financial support for you or your wife needs funds to provide for your children – I’m asking you to support one of our homes.

God is moving in this nation and there is a great revival that has already begun.

We invite you to be a part of it. These children are hungry and desperate for their Father’s touch. Desperate to know that there are people who believe in them and want to see their dreams come true. The fields are white and the laborers working 24/7 to provide a home need your support. Will you help us provide them with adequate staffing and training of the staff? And we won’t leave them when they are 18; our transition programs support vocational and secondary education, ongoing discipleship, business training, and accountability.

How many of your children were ready to leave at 18 with no more support? God is responding to their cry. Exodus tells us that God will SURELY hear their cry. If you want the fertile ground to sew into… This is!

I challenge you to take the first step and make a commitment to sponsor a home, sponsor a child, sponsor a program.

We provide director training, trauma training, and caregiver training to those on the field. These programs require funding for the professionals that have the experience to dedicate their time to support the boots on the ground. We need to do more than gift table scraps to these children… We must provide quality training, quality care, and quality medical and dental care.

They are a royal priesthood, a chosen nation God has great plans for them – plans of redemption, restoration, healing, empowerment, and equipping in these last days. You can be a part of the solution to this orphan crisis or you can look away.

I pray you take action.

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