As Orphan Sunday approaches on November 12, 2023, let’s come together, take a knee for hope, and then stand up for 153 million children who need our support.

To “Take a Knee” has taken on many different meanings throughout history. However, one of the oldest meanings is to kneel in prayer—humbling yourself before God. This is how we, at Haven of Hope International, invite supporters of the 153 million orphans worldwide to “Take a Knee for Hope” this Orphan Sunday. Take a knee to pray for the abandoned, abused, and orphaned children, humbling ourselves before God and before them, for many of us cannot imagine the trauma these children experience before being introduced to a loving orphanage/foster care home.


Take a Knee for Hope: A Symbol of Humility and Empathy

The simple act to “Take a Knee for Hope” symbolizes a powerful gesture—a collective act of humility and empathy. In a world that sometimes seems divided, this simple act unites us in recognizing the plight of orphaned children. It’s a call to acknowledge their struggles, dreams, and the hope that can be instilled through our collective efforts.

In a world brimming with challenges, our vision stands out for its profound impact on the lives of countless children—changing the destiny of orphans around the world by creating an environment for children to thrive. Orphan Sunday, observed this year on November 12, 2023, is a day dedicated to raising awareness and mobilizing communities to make a difference in the lives of orphans worldwide. This year, Haven of Hope International encourages us all to pray, advocate, and support the vulnerable children who need our support.


Reflecting on the Challenges

Being abused and abandoned is a reality faced by 153 million children, globally. These young souls often grapple with the absence of parental love and support, facing hurdles that can impede their development and future prospects. Orphan Sunday encourages us to take a moment to empathize with these children and consider the impact we can have on their lives.



How You Can Get Involved

Support the Event: Organize your church and/or community to virtually attend our live streaming event promoting Orphan Sunday. Registration for the event is free. Please click here to register. After you register, we encourage you to share stories, educate others about the challenges faced by orphans, and discuss ways to get involved.

Take the Challenge: Encourage others to “Take a Knee for Hope” in solidarity. Share photos and stories on social media using the hashtag #TakeAKneeForHope to spread awareness.

Donate and Volunteer: Support organizations like Haven of Hope International that are dedicated to orphan care. Consider making a financial contribution or volunteering your time to make a direct impact on the lives of orphaned children.




As Orphan Sunday approaches on November 12, 2023, let’s come together, take a knee for hope, and then stand up for the 153 million children, who comprise the Nation of Orphans, and need our support. By taking a knee for Orphan Sunday, we not only raise awareness about the challenges faced by orphans but also inspire meaningful action that can transform lives. In unity, empathy, and collective effort, we find the power to create a haven of hope for every child in need. #TakeAKneeForHope