At Haven of Hope International, we believe that every child has a destiny to fulfill.  Without family support, that is nearly impossible. We believe that our model has established a true “Haven of Hope” that will provide children the opportunity that every child deserves.

Our goal is to partner with existing orphanages to help them provide an environment for children rescued from poverty, abuse and abandonment to flourish. A place they can feel valued, loved and be restored so they can dream and ultimately fulfill those dreams. This model can be found at our flagship orphanage, Haven of Hope Orphanage in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, established in January 2004. Our desire is to break the cycle of poverty and abuse by equipping those previously destined for failure, with the tools to be destined for success.

Haven of Hope International is committed to supporting the staff on the ground so they can provide the best possible experience for the children; a family atmosphere that fosters true restoration and growth, physically, spiritually and emotionally.




Sustainable orphanages raising up a generation to positively impact the world.




Strengthen and empower orphanages to rescue, love, restore, and equip the abused and abandoned children they serve.




Christ-Centered, Compassionate, Integrity, Excellence, Leadership, Development Empowerment. Sustainability, Teamwork.