From Surviving to Thriving – A Progress Report on Watu Wa Maana Children’s Center, Ruiru, Kenya


At Haven of Hope International (HOHI), we are passionate about helping those in need and making a positive impact in the world. That is why we are proud to partner with Watu Wa Maana Children’s Center (Watu Wa Maana), an organization that is changing the lives of street children and orphans in Ruiru, Kenya.

Founded over 20 years ago by Directors Wanjiru and John, Watu Wa Maana has been providing a beacon of hope to the children in their community. Today, they serve over 40 children on campus and another 8-9 young adults who are pursuing higher education or vocational training.

Alice Sweet, HOHI founder, first visited Watu Wa Maana and met Wanjiru and John in 2018 while she was in Kenya following recommendations from a HOHI partner organization. Though HOHI officially began supporting Watu Wa Maana as a partner home in 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, HOHI funded a computer learning center and provided internet support to help Watu Wa Maana continue to educate their children through on-line classes.

Today, HOHI monthly support provides funds for education, food, a social worker, staff, medical and dental care. In addition:

  • John Sweet, HOHI consultant and trainer, offers weekly training and support calls for the directors and staff
  • Angela Bryan is conducting her TBRI Certification training with Wanjiru and John
  • Seven youth are now participating in our Futures of Hope transition program, which provides college and university grants to high school graduates. HOHI is proud to support these young people as they pursue their dreams and build a better future for themselves and their communities.

Despite the many successes during their journey to thriving, Watu Wa Maana is still in need of a new kitchen and multifunctional building to replace their outdated and inadequate facilities.

We believe in the work of Wanjiru and John and are committed to supporting their efforts in bringing hope to the streets of Ruiru.  They are a shining example of the positive impact that can be made when people come together to help those in need. We are proud to partner with the entire team at Watu Wa Maana and look forward to continuing our work together.