Thank you for Sponsoring a Child of Hope!

Welcome to Our Family of Hope

We firmly believe that your role as a sponsor is not just about financial support but also about being a part of the child's healing process. Your involvement is a significant part of their journey, and we love sharing information about you and your family with them, as it helps them feel 'chosen' and loved.

What to Expect Next:

  • Bethany, our Sponsorship Coordinator, will call and welcome you to the Family of Hope, provide details about the program, and answer any questions you may have.
  • You can expect to receive photos and updates on your child and their orphanage periodically.
  • We also offer an opportunity for you to remember your sponsored child on their birthdays, holidays, graduations, and other special occasions. Through a 'Special Occasion' link found on the website, you can send your heartfelt wishes and donations, making them feel your presence and love, even from a distance.
  • You have the opportunity to send small permitted toys and essentials to your sponsored child when we perform site visits. As long as it fits in a 9x12 envelope, we can take it from you to your sponsored child. Notification will be provided ahead of time so you can provide the filled envelope to us.
  • Some homes have the ability for you to coordinate a Zoom call. Please check with our Sponsorship Coordinator, Bethany, for more details.
  • Stay tuned for our "Christmas Around the World" Event in December, where we celebrate with all our homes live via Zoom.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email our Sponsorship Coordinator:

Bolivia Boy
JEHO 6 Girls
Peru Girl Heart Hands
Trinidad 3 Kids
Matonyok 2 Boys
HOFYR Boy w Horse