Celebrating the Launch of Haven of Hope Training Institute: Pioneering Excellence in Orphanage Care

In 2024, a groundbreaking endeavor is emerging in the realm of childcare and orphanage management at HOHI – the Haven of Hope Training Institute. This institute is not just about education; it’s a catalyst for transformative care in orphanages globally. By offering comprehensive certification courses, HOHI training staff endeavors to equip orphanage directors and staff with the tools and knowledge necessary to foster nurturing, safe, and effective environments for one of the world’s most vulnerable populations.


One of the institute’s key courses is the Director Training Course. This course is meticulously designed to address the multifaceted role of an orphanage director. It delves into organizational principles, strategic planning, and budgeting. It also emphasizes staff recruitment, assessments, and scheduling, ensuring that directors are well-versed in creating robust and efficient teams.


A standout feature of the institute is its Trauma Care Training. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by children in orphanages, this course offers certification in Trust-Based Relationship Intervention (TBRI), tailored specifically for the orphanage setting. TBRI, a proven method in child development, helps staff build secure, healthy relationships with children, facilitating emotional healing and resilience.

Watu Directors, training graduation

The Peace Model Caregiver Training marks another critical aspect of the institute’s offerings. It guides new staff members through the nuances of caring for displaced and hurting children. This training focuses on compassion, understanding, and practical care, ensuring that every child’s journey toward healing and hope is nurtured from the moment they enter the orphanage.


For caregivers and counselors, the institute introduces the 5-Steps to Behavioral Change, a scripture-based, trauma-informed model. This model blends spiritual wisdom with practical behavioral strategies, fostering an environment where children can experience holistic growth – emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


Lastly, the institute addresses a crucial aspect of childcare – crisis management. The Crisis Intervention and Prevention course is designed to equip staff with tools for preventing and managing crises. It focuses on de-escalation strategies and survival techniques, ensuring that both children and staff are safe and prepared for any unforeseen situations.


The launch of the Haven of Hope Training Institute marks a significant milestone in the care of orphaned and vulnerable children. The HOHI training team is unparalleled in qualifications of education and experience with over 50 years of combined experience. Other courses that will be offered are: Donor Development and Care, Hygiene and Personal Care, as well as First-Aid. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive curriculum with a dedication to excellence in setting a new standard in orphanage management and care. As we celebrate this launch, we also anticipate the waves of positive change it will bring to orphanages worldwide, transforming lives one child at a time. In the coming weeks, we will introduce you to the HOHI Training Team.