JEHO Renovations Phase 1 Complete

JEHO renovations

A lot can happen in 45 days! And it did at the John E. Halgrim Orphanage in Kenya. Alice Skaff, HOHI founder, first met JEHO directors Miriam and Peter in 2018, stopping by to visit the orphanage home on her way to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and raise money for HOHI. Since that time, HOHI has…

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Innovative Trauma Care Helps To Restore And Equip Our Children

Trauma Care

Haven of Hope Innovative Trauma Care Helps To Restore And Equip Our Children. The programs focus on restoring the children we serve—from a points reward system to play therapy and celebrating birthdays—to equipping the older children with specific Youth Development and GPS Life Journey programs.

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Thank You From Africa

Thank You From Africa Emergency Rescue Fund

Thank you from Africa, you’ve been the hero for “the least of these” because of your donations to the Emergency Rescue Fund!

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Virtual School in Bolivia

Virtual School in Haven of Hope Bolivia

Here in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, we are still doing school virtually because the total quarantine has been extended another two weeks, beginning of June 2020.

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