A Call to Action and Hope for Neema: A Life-Saving Mission

At the Matonyok Children’s Home in Arusha, Tanzania, a courageous 13-year-old named Neema is battling the severe challenges of HIV-AIDS passed to her at birth. Last October, her health took a drastic turn, leaving her unresponsive and in dire need of ICU care and dialysis—treatments far beyond the means of the orphanage.

Matonyok Neema w Doctors 62024

At this critical time, the Haven of Hope International (HOHI) family, led by Alice Sweet, stepped in. HOHI mobilized a network of US medical professionals, headed by ER Doctor Tom Schaar and expanded to a team of specialists connected by Kayera Kashmiri, HOHI Advisory Board member who brought to the team renowned Dr. Stock's team from UCSF Health in San Francisco who had been working on changing the way Tanzania cares for HIV patients in need of transplants. In an inspiring display of global solidarity, these doctors began weekly consultations with their African counterparts, generously helping to cover the costs of the critical treatments Neema required.

However, Neema’s journey is far from over. She is in need of a kidney transplant and Dr. Stock and Dr. Syed traveled to Tanzania to meet Neema and secure a hospital willing to perform the transplant with their assistance. Dr. Stock's team has committed to covering the surgery costs including bringing her to the US if necessary.

Simply stated, we need your help to cover her ongoing treatment costs until her surgery. As we navigate the next steps in her treatment, donations are urgently requested.

Matonyok is one of our treasured homes, and they cannot afford these medical expenses. However, if we come together as a community, we can afford to keep this young teenager alive and show the entire home that there is always hope, even in the most challenging situations.

Funds raised will go toward paying for the dialysis treatment that is keeping Neema alive and healthy enough to undergo a transplant. This bright, courageous young lady is holding on to hope as she battles for her life. Your prayers and support have been a beautiful example to Neema that her life matters and that she is not alone in this battle. They remain crucial as we navigate the next steps in her treatment and strengthen our collective resolve to see Neema through to a healthy and bright future.

Please support the Matonyok Medical Needs campaign. Together, we can make a life-saving difference for Neema and show that hope is always within reach.