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Awaken Your Heart While Serving the Least of These



Mission trip support is designed to further our mission of taking an orphan care home from barely surviving to thriving. We can assist your team by providing projects that have been approved by the home directors so that everyone’s contribution is used where it is most needed at the time of the trip. Our goal is to give your community the opportunity to make an impact and see firsthand the impact of our programs on the children served.

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We have been called to serve the Nation the Orphans—to raise their standard of care. We invite you to join us. Our Mission Trips provide the ability for all participants to learn about the home’s plans for sustainability, help with important projects, and connect with the children in many wonderful ways. 

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Each year teams visit our partner homes—Refugio de Esperanza in Bolivia, Refuge of Life in Peru, Watu Wa Maana and JEHO Safe Home in Kenya, Mantonyok Children’s Center in Tanzania, and Operation Smile in Trinidad. We can help you plan an impactful trip that furthers the vision of the directors at each home that is important to the home’s sustainability. 


March 17-25: Refugio de Esperanza, Bolivia - COMPLETED

July 5-11: Refugio de Esperanza, Bolivia - COMPLETED


We can help you plan a trip that meets the needs of the children, furthers the vision for the specific home and change the lives of your travelers forever, along with intentional team building, daily devotions, etc.

If you have a team you would like to take on a mission trip to one of our partner homes, it’s best to start planning your trip seven to nine months before departure. If you are interested in planning a trip, please start the process by completing our Mission Trip form. Our mission trip planner will contact you to discuss your trip ideas.


Looking to take a trip with your church group, as a family, or you’d like to join as an individual?  We’d love to hear from you today.  Contact info@havenofhopeintl.org.

Our Trips Take You to Bolivia, Peru, Kenya, Tanzania, or Trinidad


Our mission trips are planned throughout the year based on the needs of our homes in these countries. They are generally a week in length. Participants will meet the children and hear their stories. And the group will meet the staff and learn more about our programs. If you are interested in more information on the trips planned for 2023, please complete the Mission Trip form. 

Vision Trips

Vision trips are designed for church and organization leaders to better understand the vision of Haven of Hope. They are generally shorter trips yet provide an impactful experience. Travelers learn about the specific needs of the home from the directors and staff. As well, you will witness the impact of our programs on the children served.

Program Trips

Program trips include construction trips, sustainability project trips, and general trips that involve physical activity of some sort.  They are generally a week in duration. Construction trips are designed for those who like to build and put in a good day’s work. Accommodations are comfortable, but daytime activities can be physically challenging.  Construction skills are helpful but not necessary—just a willingness to roll up your sleeves and help where needed. Sustainability and general trips are active trips and may include helping to fix chicken coops or rehabbing a garden or soccer field or sprucing up a dorm.


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