Haven of Hope International currently has an overwhelming amount of orphanages that are vetted and ready to move forward with implementing the necessary programs to meet the complex needs of their children, we simply lack the funding to move forward.

People from different backgrounds and professions can become change agents by organizing many contributions, through a Giving Circle. Members not only help to fund but they can also choose to offer their time and talent and join us on a mission trip to see firsthand the impact their giving is making.  Its a great way to spend your time together really making a difference in appreciative children that have no parental support.


 Haven of Hope International strengthens and empowers orphanages to rescue, love, restore, and equip the abused and abandoned children they serve. Here’s how we make a Hope Impact:

Hope Transformation

We work with directors of orphanages to create a 2-3 year strategy and budget that fills in the gap with additional staffing and training for staff in Trauma Informed Care, strengthens existing programs and implements additional programs to prepare the children to succeed as adults while creating sustainable programs to ensure long term success.

Hope Infusion

 Improving global orphan care through specific sustainability projects, programs (psychological, discipleship, academic education, vocational training) and site improvements (maintenance and construction).

Hope Global Rescue

 Rescuing orphanages from closing with basic operational funding.


Looking for a way to help with one of our Hope Impact Strategies but its too much for you tackle on your own?  Organizing a group of people you are already associated with is a wonderful way to make a significant difference through multiple or sustained donations.

Giving circles can be small and informal – a neighborhood dinner or a golf or tennis league that could fund a Hope Infusion or they can be highly organized like a neighborhood community, a corporation or a church and involve contributions of thousands of dollars and demonstrate a commitment of many years – this would be a perfect way to fund a Hope Transformation by Adopting an Orphanage.

Time commitments vary depending on level of participation. The time commitment may range from as few as eight hours a year for quarterly meeting participation to up to 15-20 hours a month to lead the giving circle, which would include running monthly meetings and organizing community activities.

Brainstorm with your peers about the potential you can create through a Giving Circle.  The skies the limit on what you do together.  What better cause than to change the destiny for orphaned children?




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“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot.  Together we can do great things.”

Mother Teresa