How to Build a Relationship With Your Child

Pray for your child:
  • That your child will experience God’s love and accept Jesus as his/her personal savior.
  • That your child will have inner healing from his/her past.
  • That your child will be able to trust the staff at HOH.
  • That your child would progress academically.
  • For your child’s physical health.
  • For your child’s future.
  • For your child’s protection.
  • For the caretakers and staff at HOH, that they would have all the wisdom and strength that they need to be Jesus’ hands and feet on a daily basis.
  • For your child’s relatives, that they would meet God and God’s will would be done in their lives.
  • Against the spirit of fear and worry in your child’s life.
  • Ask God what else to pray for, with regard to your child in particular.
Send letters and packages via USPS for your child in Bolivia

Sending letters is a wonderful way to let your child know that you care for them and are thinking of them.  Writing can also build a bond with your child that will last a lifetime.

  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Tell her about your family and professional life, pets, spare time activities, and culture.
  • Avoid mentioning possessions or things that indicate a certain standard of living.
  • Share your testimony, send encouraging bible verses and encourage her in her faith.
  • Ask her about her culture and customs.
  • Ask her about her favorite food, school subjects, life at HOH, activities, friends at HOH, and aspirations.
  • Please avoid asking her about her family or life before HOH.

Include a photo of you (and your family/friends) with your letter.  The children treasure your photos. They hang them by their bed, carry them in their bibles, and some even carry them in their pocket.

You can type your letter into and print out the Spanish translation. There are some staff members at HOH who speak some English, so you may also send it in simple English.

Sending Packages:

You can also send your child a package any time.   Suggested items include:  Stickers, pencils, crafts, school supplies, clothing, toys, puzzles, bibles and devotionals (in Spanish), simple accessories, gum,

candy, photos of your family, and/or small electronics such as ipod’s, for older children.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND money, liquids, chocolate, or expensive jewelry.

The smaller the package the faster it will arrive but even small packages often take a couple of months or more to arrive.  USPS is the most economical way to send a package, but postage to Bolivia is expensive.

Address your letters/package to:

Iglesia de Dios en Bolivia

Gladys Jimenez

(para: your child’s first name here in brackets)

Calle Barasea # 201, Barrio Urbarí.

Casilla 1849

Santa Cruz de la Sierra – Bolivia

Send Your Child an Email

Send emails to your child to let them know you are thinking of them by sending your child an email. Simply send your message to your child to Angela and she will translate it if needed and pass it on to your child.

Stay in touch with your child by using the free APP “WhatsApp”

You can download WhatsApp on to your mobile device free of charge through the App store on your device. Then add the following contacts to your contact list:

Cathy (speaks English): 59175578748

Gladys & Marco: 59175030403

Once you have added Cathy, our liaison at the orphanage in Bolivia and Gladys & Marco, our directors of HOH Bolivia to your contacts, start a group chat and introduce yourself as your child’s sponsor, naming your child. They will get back to you and will be able to send you messages and photos from your child that are instant. There are no fees for any of those communications.

Stay in touch by checking and posting on our Facebook page: