100% of funds create an environment for children to thrive, in a family atmosphere with a Christian foundation, academic tutors and ongoing counseling to help them recover from their traumatic past.  Unlike other sponsorship programs, our children have no family support whatsoever.

We have become the only family they can count on.

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When you sponsor a child you are enabling an orphan to live in a “Haven of Hope” environment where they can thrive and learn to dream and are equipped to pursue those dreams.

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When you sponsor a child, 100% of your monthly gift provides a “Haven of Hope” environment that enables him or her to thrive and dream about a better future. Your monthly contribution provides not only a family atmosphere with a Christian foundation, food, clothing, education and medical attention but also provides academic tutors, ongoing counseling and vocational training.

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Sponsorship provides the greatest need for a Haven of Hope childLOVE

Our interactive child sponsorship program is a vital part of the healing process for these children who have been rejected, abused and abandoned.  Being “chosen” reassures them of their worth and value.

When you sponsor a child, 100% of your monthly gift provides a “Haven of Hope” environment that enables him or her to thrive and dream about a better future.

We encourage our sponsors to welcome their Child of Hope into their own family by building an ongoing lasting relationship.  Just like in any other family, your commitment, encouragement and prayers makes a huge impact that helps to keep them focused on their new journey.

Send letters and packages via USPS to your child in Bolivia

You can  send your child a package any time.

Suggested items include:  Stickers, pencils, crafts, school supplies, clothing, toys, puzzles, bibles and devotionals (in Spanish), simple accessories, gum, candy, photos of your family, and/or small electronics such as ipod’s, for older children.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND money, liquids, chocolate, or expensive jewelry.

The smaller the package the faster it will arrive but even small packages often take a couple of months or more to arrive.  USPS is the most economical way to send a package, but postage to Bolivia is expensive.

Address your letters/package to:

Iglesia de Dios en Bolivia

Gladys Jimenez

(para: your child’s first name here in brackets)

Calle Barasea # 201, Barrio Urbarí.

Casilla 1849

Santa Cruz de la Sierra – Bolivia

Helpful Tips:

  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Tell her about your family and professional life, pets, spare time activities, and culture.
  • Avoid mentioning possessions or things that indicate a certain standard of living.
  • Share your testimony, send encouraging bible verses and encourage her in her faith.
  • Ask her about her culture and customs.
  • Ask her about her favorite food, school subjects, life at HOH, activities, friends at HOH, and aspirations.
  • Please avoid asking her about her family or life before HOH.

Include a photo of you (and your family/friends) with your letter.  The children treasure your photos. They hang them by their bed, carry them in their bibles, and some even carry them in their pocket

You can type your letter into www.translategoogle.com and print out the Spanish translation. There are some staff members at HOH who speak some English, so you may also send it in simple English.

Send your child an email

Send emails to your child to let them know you are thinking of them by sending your child an email. Simply send your message to your child to Angela and she will translate it if needed and pass it on to your child.