Welcome to Hope Basics Plus Backpack




You can change the life of a child in need for only $120 with HOHI’s “Welcome to Hope” Basics Plus backpack!

We believe that every child has a destiny to fulfill. That’s why we’re partnering with orphan care homes dedicated to getting children back on course with that destiny. Help us welcome the new children with the basic essentials and your note of encouragement along with dental and physical checkups to begin to heal their bodies. Living in extreme poverty or on the streets, these children come to orphanages with several dental and physical conditions including abscessed gums and broken teeth, hearing and speech issues caused by a build up of wax in the ear canal and intestinal parasites that need to be addressed so they can begin living a healthier life.

Backpack content will be purchased and medical assistance arranged by local orphanage staff and distributed to each child in need, along with your notes of encouragement.