Orphan Sunday November 8, 2020

[Press Release] Haven of Hope International Advocates for Orphans Worldwide

Haven of Hope International, of Ft. Myers, FL, joins in the global commitment of One Day, One Voice, One Purpose Orphan Sunday, November 8, 2020 and invites you to join them for a live Facebook event at 3 pm EST that day. Alice Skaff, Haven of Hope International founder, will talk about the worldwide orphan crisis, explain the needs and provide insight as to how everyone can become heroes to these forgotten unadopted children. Click here to join the live event. 

Most citizens of the world do not know that the orphan crisis is real, global and large. There are 153 million orphans worldwide. As a population, orphans are the 9th largest nation in the world. 99% of these orphans will never be adopted. Every three seconds an orphan ages out of orphan care, and without family support they struggle to lead productive lives. Homelessness, substance abuse, trafficking, crime and incarceration await those who have no adequate life skills, education or support networks.

“Providing an alternative home for these unadoptable children is essential. Existing orphanage homes often struggle to provide even the basic necessities—food, a bed and a roof—let alone the tools to help these children thrive as adults in the future. This is why we do the work we do,” explains Alice Skaff.  “Each statistic illustrates the great need for improving orphan care. No child should be without the love of a family, food, medical care and an education needed for survival.”

Be the Light, this year’s Orphan Sunday theme, encourages advocates to Pray, Share and Give: 

  • PRAY: It is a spiritual battle and we are not winning. In 2015, there were 140 million orphans worldwide. Since that time, 13 million more children became orphans. 
  • SHARE: Help raise awareness. Share the facts of this crisis with families, friends, colleagues. Engage and commit to advocate for voiceless orphans for more than just one day. Invite your friends and communities to our Facebook event.
  • GIVE: Working together as a community, we can improve orphan care. Haven of Hope International invites all to come alongside and help to support their orphanage partners and the children they care for by donating to their Dollar-A-Door campaign.

“It’s easy to join our campaign or start your own fundraiser”, explains Alice Skaff. “Gather your group together—your neighbors, churches, companies, teams, youth groups and schools.  Have each group member make a one-time or monthly pledge to donate a Dollar-A-Door for the number of doors in their home, or company or school, etc. Go to www.havenofhopeintl.org and under Get Involved, you will find Active Fundraisers or Start A Fundraiser links.  Click on the link of your choice.”

For all who would like to advocate and get involved on Orphan Sunday, English and Spanish digital resources are available free. Visit our Orphan Sunday page for more details.


Orphan Sunday started in a small church in Zambia in 2002. In 2009, the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) began providing united leadership to make Orphan Sunday a day of awareness and action across the U.S. and the world. Haven of Hope International partners with religious, humanitarian and service organizations in more than 90 countries to advocate for the care of more than 153 million orphans worldwide on November 8, 2020, known as Orphan Sunday


Haven of Hope International, founded in 2013, is a 501(c)(3) organization focused on setting a new standard of orphan and foster care worldwide through innovative, self-sustaining strategies and programs for orphanages and foster care homes and the children they serve. Its’ Mission is to strengthen and empower orphan/foster care homes by helping them implement proven programs and strategies that rescue, love, restore and equip the abused and abandoned children they serve.