Hope Internship Program Launches

Haven of Hope International’s Hope Internship Program will launch this April, spearheaded by one of our own Hope Family members! Desiring to serve in a greater capacity, and put her degree in social work into hands-on practice, Alexis Basik will join the Refugio de Esperanza staff and children in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, becoming our first intern.

During the past few months, Alexis studied to become certified as Trauma Informed Care Practitioner. In addition to developing the internship program guidelines, as part of the HOHI team, she will focus on trauma training, teaching and utilizing her skills with the children and the staff. HOHI’s Trauma Care Program, developed by Director of Sponsorship and Child Development and authorized Trauma Informed Care Educator, Angela Bryan, is based on the latest research in trauma care.

Angela explains,” Our trauma care program picks up the brain where the trauma derailed the normal development for the child. It could be at four years, or eight years or really any age. What latest findings in neuroscience is showing us is that to break the cycles of poverty, abuse and neglect we must change how the brain is wired. Traumas are experiences so strong in intensity those pathways in the part of the brain responsible for survival are formed, overriding rational responses to situations. By giving children new whole-body experience over time, rewiring the brain can take place and they understand that they are taken care of and are safe.

HOHI has created Trauma Informed Care Training videos and currently provides this information and training to orphanages in India. This year we will be offering an official online training program to provide this vital support to orphanage directors around the world.

For more information on our Trauma Care Program, contact us. If you would like to help support this important initiative, please click here. Any donation level is greatly appreciated.

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