Extreme Hope Makeover

What is Extreme Hope Makeover?

The transformation of orphanages to create a haven of hope for the children they serve. We not only restore the structural buildings of an orphanage, we help develop an organizational structure that provides the following:

A model of a family atmosphere
Training and equipping of staff
Psychologists and Social workers
Educational Tutors
Assessment tools to guide older children
Vocational training
Mentorship programs
Life skills training
Secondary education
Renovations to existing buildings
New construction
Sustainability programs

These are the orphanages we are currently helping with basic operational costs, but their needs are much greater.

Many of these orphanages need Extreme Hope Makeovers. The dedicated staff at these orphanages are currently doing a tremendous job – but they could do so much more with our support. Your donation today will enable us to maximize their potential.

45 orphanages in 28 countries

Breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse is not an easy task. It takes a plan that goes beyond three meals, a bed, and a roof. Donate today to help us create a sustainable structure for the orphans we serve.


Haven of Hope International is a ministry partner that provides strategic planning and implementation of vocational and sustainability programs. Our key distinction in partnership enables staff to provide the daily ministry needs with excellence; in a caring and loving family environment that fosters true restoration and growth.