Equip Update

HOHI’s Equip programs focus on education, technology training, vocational skills development, transition to independent living readiness, life skills, and self-sustainability.

  • Refugio de Esperanza, Bolivia: Support of education included funding for ongoing private Christian primary and secondary school tuition/school supplies and post-secondary tuition was provided for the transitioning young adults.  Additional technology – laptops, tablets, printers– to facilitate online learning and upgraded Internet capabilities was funded. 

Several sustainability projects are underway and provide nutritious foods and food cost savings– Vinnie’s Garden, a small low maintenance vegetable farm, raising chickens for egg production and plans for Tilapia farming to launch this fall. 

  • JEHO Safe Home, Kenya: Second term tuition costs were funded for primary and secondary aged children. 

  • Refuge of Life, Peru: Educational Vacation Bible School to help children catch up from missed school during Covid was funded.

Sustainability projects were launched including the construction of a building to house a planned bakery and a well was dug to provide water for a sustainability project. 

Jim and Donna Brooks of Ft. Myers, FL recently made a trip to Pucallpa, Peru to launch two more sustainability projects sponsored by Tritan Software. A low maintenance chicken coop was restored and 30 chickens brought in along with a black soldier flies project to supply feed for the chicken. The chickens and their eggs will provide nutritious food for the children. To watch the launch, click here.

  • Watu Wa Maana Children Center, Kenya: Funding for primary, secondary and post-secondary school tuition was provided for the children and transitioning young adults.

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