Bicycles helping restore broken childhoods

Forty children at Haven of Hope Bolivia used to have to share these two broken down bicycles. One bicycle didn’t have a chain so children had to push the bike with their feet. The other bike didn’t have a tire which made it for a bumpy ride but the children loved to ride them all the time. One of our supporters, Heidi Basik, saw the need and turned to social media for help. She asked her friends and family to consider making $75 donations to help surprise all the children with new bicycles. It’s amazing what happens when a community of people come together. The pictures below were taken the day the children were surprised with new bikes. Giving a bicycle to a child may not seem like a big deal to most people, but it’s a big part of restoring their childhood. It gives kids the freedom to be kids and that is HUGE. Many children experienced their first bike ride of their life.

“Some of these kids had never ridden a bike in their life! No child should ever say that. And now, none of the children at Haven of Hope will ever be able to say, “I’ve never ridden a bike before.“  I put a simple ask out on my Facebook page, and was overwhelmed with the generous results! My friends raised enough money to buy all the bikes, and a storage space to keep them safe!  For some of these children, their childhood is being returned to them… And riding a bike is an important part of childhood!”  – Heidi Basik, HOHI supporter

“Friends, what started as a beautiful gesture to bring some joy to children, has become much bigger. As you may know, Bolivia is in a state of civil unrest. The country is on strike and it is impossible to travel around by vehicle. These bikes have become a mode of transportation: to get staff to and from The orphanage in order to work.
To go out on expeditions to try and find food.
To pick up people in need of rescue who can’t get through the barricades.
God knew when He started this project but the bikes would have a bigger purpose.
Thank you for your willingness to participate in a plan we didn’t even know we would need!” – Heidi Basik, HOHI supporter

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