Adoption Is The Solution For The Orphan Crisis In The World Today.

Many people have chosen to adopt a child and provide a loving family atmosphere for the children who suddenly find themselves alone in the world.  They have gone the extra mile and provided an environment where they can flourish and have the opportunity to get a good education and pursue their dreams.

What about the many orphans that will never be adopted?

Have you ever wished you could adopt but are simply unable to do it on your own?

Our Hope Transformation Program allows groups of individuals to rally together and Adopt an Orphanage.  You may not be able to meet the complex needs of an orphan in your home, but you can help an orphanage do so and impact many!  We have a structured plan that connects your group with the orphanage and children.  Your financial support, encouragement and visits will change the destiny of these children.

Who should consider adopting an orphanage?

Social Group

Your 3 year commitment will enable an orphanage to set up additional programs that meet the complex needs of the children and equip them to succeed.  It will also enable the orphanage to exceed and expand its reach through sustainability programs.

If you are looking for a way to help orphans for many years to come – this is it!

Orphanages are waiting, will you partner with us to help them?

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“Religion that God the Father accepts as pure and without fault is this: caring for orphans and widow who need help.”

James 1:27