Do you ever wonder how best to describe Haven of Hope to your friends, family and work colleagues and why you support our work?  How to get them interested in sponsorship, programs or being a VOICE for the millions of VOICELESS orphans?

Here are a couple of ways to describe who we are and the work we do.  It is a great way to lead into a suggestion that they visit our website and donate to support our work.  And, for those creative types, send us your 30-second description and we will send you our starfish t-shirt!

 Mission Focus: Haven of Hope International’s mission is to create successful and sustainable orphanage’s raising up healthy and thriving children who will positively impact the world. Orphans learn to dream, fulfill those dreams and live successfully—off the streets and out of poverty, improving their community.

Value Focus: Haven of Hope International provides an environment for children rescued from poverty, abuse and abandonment to feel loved and be restored so they can dream and ultimately fulfill those dreams. We seek to maximize the impact of orphanages around the world helping them to provide the children they serve a home that fosters physical, spiritual and emotional restoration and growth, transforming their lives to become successful independent adults.

Cause Focus:  Haven of Hope International’s work is focused on changing the destiny of orphans. Of the 153 million voiceless orphans in the world today, only 1% will be adopted. 60% will return to a life of poverty or crime when they age out of orphanage care at 18. By raising the bar on global orphan care, these children will learn the life and vocational skills to equip them with skills that will help them become successful independent adults.